Reading Definitions


The roads down which one may travel astrologically are many and diverse. A reading may be a study of personality – the why’s and wherefores of your choices, the secrets to your happiness, your mood, your sanity, your relationships, etc. This is the Reading of the NATAL CHART.


The moving planets in relation to YOU. Now, if we take what is happening in the archetypal sky presently and overlay that on your natal chart, this is a study of TRANSITS. Here we have the mundane events and transitory experiences of LIFE.


Astrologers also enjoy a technique called secondary PROGRESSIONS, wherein the days after your birth equal years so that your chart progressed to age 30 looks like the archetypal sky at age 30 days. It speaks of you EVOLUTION and who you are BECOMING.


If you take your natal chart and combine it (in different interesting ways) with another natal chart you get a COMPOSITE CHART. This is where we engage in the beautiful and sometimes treacherous ENTANGLEMENT of energies. There are always higher choices and lower responses to another; here we take a look and describe…

Many specialty readings can also be performed and may be interpolated into the above such as LOCATION, PAST LIFE, and LUNAR specific.

Every reading is recorded and emailed as an MP3 file. Readings are communicated
via phone, Skype, in person, or a need-not-be-present recording in CD/MP3 format.

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