Astrological Services

Astro Services & Rates

The following readings are recorded and emailed as an MP3 file. Readings are communicated via phone, Skype, in person, or a need-not-be-present recording in MP3 format.

Regular or Custom Readings:

  • Natal- Standard birth chart observations

  • Transits/Progressions- what’s up and why

  • Synastry- Relationships

  • Past Life- One possible story we’d rather not repeat

  • Location- How you groove with place

  • Lunar- “See me, feel me, touch me, heal me.” -Tommy

  • Specific Questions- When shall I publish my book?

Choose your own reading length: $25 per 15 minutes
Full Reading: $200. 2+ hours (Full Reading includes: Natal, Karmic (skills/tendencies/pitfalls and what to do with them), Transits and Progressions.)
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Quick Mini Reading:

Secrets to happiness, evolutionary intentions, pitfalls to avoid, and how to correctly answer any questions you ask yourself. Makes a great gift.

Reading takes approximately 30 minutes: $50, emailed as MP3
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Astro Consulting Services: Electional or Horary

Electional Astrology finds the best time for an event.
Horary Astrology finds the answer to any question in a chart cast for the moment of the question.
Rate: $2 per minute
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Daily Forecasts – Conscious Subscriber of REA☆CSA:

Intimate & engaged community forum for those who are truly interested in charting our growth & evolution, both as an individual as well as a collective force. Daily forecasts go out daily via Private Facebook Group. Makes a great gift, too!

Rate: $50 for an entire year (save $10)
or $5 per month ($60 per annual subscription)
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Astro Rates
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