“I consulted with Ryan – just for fun, at first. But as he explained my natal chart, I quickly began to feel as though it was my very soul he was revealing. Deep needs I hadn’t articulated even to myself came to light, and I recognized who I’ve always meant myself to be. He also shed light on my current situation, helping me to see where I’m on my path and where I might want to do some course correction. All of this was done with the gentle encouragement and deep respect that Ryan gives to all his endeavors.

“Since then, I’ve asked Ryan to do readings for my husband, one for my husband and me together, one for our teenaged son, and even a progressed chart reading for myself! Every one of these readings has proved more useful and encouraging than expected (and we expected a lot!).

“Ryan can do recorded consultations, so I know what I’m planning to give distant family members this holiday season. (Get ready, Ryan!)”

Prudence Tippins

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“I have known Ryan and experienced his weaving of alchemical magic for many years now. It was not until recent, after Ryan’s extensive apprenticeship with Steven Forrest, that I really saw his soul shining. Ryan is a magical, insightful and charismatic Light Being who can read your stars and reveal their stories in the most uplifting, inspiring and truthful way possible. When receiving a reading or attending a course with Ryan you will laugh, cry, and be covered in goosebumps as you witness the pure channel of blessings being brought your way. If you get a chance to witness and spend time with Ryan Evans, you will remember it for a lifetime.”

Radha Crawley, LMT, Certified Ayurvedic Educator and Ayurvedic Bodyworker
Samadhi Ayurveda, Sedona, AZ

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Receiving an astrological reading from Ryan is like having an arrow shot into a bulls eye you didn’t even know was there.

Allegra Wakest, Visionary/Revolutionary Artist, Viroqua, WI

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“Mr. Astrologer King, your input yesterday REALLY helped me with what’s been a challenge at this time in my life. I feel more relaxed now. THANK YOU!! You are awesome at the information, and the pleasant, even warm and entertaining manner in which you share it! I listened to some of your suggestions, and today made it up to Malibu (not to Paradise Cove this time, stayed to a budget of a couple coffee shops instead) – and I have had a completely wonderful day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have several great astrologer friends in my life, you showed up yesterday with such pointed help for me at this time. Best to you tonight, brother.”

Joseph Dhara

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“……..there is a reason the ancient ones put emphasis on astrology: knowledge of life purpose, and Ryan is a gifted channel of the stars to open that window and see glimpses on that very topic. The truth can hurt, but it will set you free. Bravo, my friend, bravo.”

Jackie Kolenko, Waldorf School Teacher