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Apr 22
There is grand cosmic potential this day, or this year if it’s your birthday, on so many levels but it begins on one: the level of our perception. Are we looking through the lens of ‘what’s wrong’ or the lens of ‘how to make it right? Are we looking through our fear or seeing opportunity for courage and action? Are we looking through a set of stuck dysfunctional codes or a set of Natural Laws and Cycles? Our choice of perception then cascades through our lives, affects our choices, and eventually instigates many of life’s dramas. So at what point are we ready to create NEW and beautiful events in our lives? At what point have we had enough with our personal hells? Whenever we reach that point we must start with our Choice of Perceptive Focus. We must choose to see the beauty. WE must choose to relax. We must choose to breathe. No matter what. Then from that calm place we can make more appropriate choices in our lives as well as maintain more calm amidst our individual dramas. Work. Of course. Pluto and Saturn are both retrograde. But Mercury is conjoining mars and trining Pluto so we have an opportunity to conquer our beast by changing our perception of it.
The gardening calendar says to cultivate.
The space calendar shows the lyrid meteor shower now in the NE at midnight and peaking tonight.
Apr 23
We’re all feelin so much these days. Some hope, some pain, some growth, some set back. So today, or this year if it’s your birthday, let’s pay special attention to our heart. I’m talking about that sacred place within that not many people, if any in some cases, every really get to. It’s a feeling like who do we really want around us if we are sick or hurt or vulnerable? We want those who’re not gunna judge us or lecture us or condemn us for the treachery of our lives but those who holds space for us, let us cry and drool on ourselves, and empathize, not sympathize, with us. Let’s be that for others today (or, like, always). Let’s understand that we ALL get sick or hurt or vulnerable at times and how can we be there for others the way we’d like them to be there for us? And, I guess on a deeper level, how can we be there for ourselves the way we’d like others to be there us? Master that, I suppose, we master many things.
The gardening calendar says to plant, transplant, and plant.
The space calendar shows the lyrid meteor shower now in the NE at midnight
Apr 24
Full moons pull. They pull the way your partner pulls when you’re holding both of their hands and are spinning around in a circle. It’s like that. In Astrology the Moon spins around the zodiac faster than any other planet/major archetype. As it goes around every 29.5 days it is having intimate conversations, i.e.; phase relationships, with every OTHER archetype in our world-(whether we know it or not). Basically what this means is that we are always connected by feeling to everything in our life. We always “know”, or at least, our “heart knows”- (whether or not we can communicate effectively with this archetype is our personal story). Nevertheless, as the moon, or our heart, pulls on our shadow elements today, or this year if it’s your birthday, know that it’s an opportunity to rid ourselves of any inconsistencies, wounds, fears, or hidden factors keeping us from our happiness. By using our heart to PULL the shadows out from hiding we can inject them with the healing they are asking for. We can then begin to peel the layers off one by one by one and thusly feel lighter and lighter and freer. It’s worth it. Let’s do it.
The gardening calendar says to plant or transplant.
The space calendar shows the lyrid meteor shower, Asteroid 2843 Yeti Closest Approach To Earth (1.140 AU), Asteroid 8749 Beatles Closest Approach To Earth (1.476 AU)

Apr 25
Today, or this year if it’s your birthday, feels like one of those days, astrologically speaking, when someone asks, “How’s life treatin’ ya?” and we stop and ponder our relationship to Life. ‘How is life treating me?’ we ask to ourselves. Life and its treatment of me. Like there is this force outside acting upon and dictating the dramas of our life over which we have no control and we dangle helplessly at the mercy of this thing called “Life”. And we pause. And we remember. We remember the word co-creation. How is life treating me, you ask? Perhaps our response could be, “About as well as I’m treating IT!” I’m reminded of a quote from Thoreau’s ‘Walden’, and I think I know what he means finally, he says, “Love your life, poor as it is, it’s not so bad as you are.” I was always like, “Whatchu talkinabout, Willis?”, but I think that he may mean that no matter what pain or dramas are unfolding in our lives, and now that Pluto is happily in full retrograde, we get to look at it and love it and be grateful for whatever breath we have. We must stay strong knowing that there’s always room to improve ourselves, ask for forgiveness, seek healing, and clear our old trash, and that as we do, our lives improve. And someone asks how life is treating us and we can smile understanding our new relationship with this thing called Life.
The gardening calendar says to prune, till, or make things look more presentable.
The space calendar shows the lyrid meteor shower now in the NE at midnight.
Apr 26
Good tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy to you this day, or year if it’s your birthday, as Astroarchetypally reflected in the dance of the Planets. Take today to free your heart, open to the possibilities, try something new and fun, and focus on the positive. Part of doing hardcore junk-clearing soul retrieval conscious evolution deep inner work is taking plenty of time to celebrate, give thanks, show magnanimity and nobility, and radiate out the joy and creativity and gifts we each know we have within us. So stretch out today as best as we can into a real and genuine ‘Taster’s Choice’ Moment”. But with all of this expansion we must remember to integrate our need to take our time, breathe, think things through, and then act accordingly and thoughtfully. We can get so excited sometimes we must remember to tether our helium balloon if we want tit to keep from floating away. Perhaps that’s where we could put our energy, into giving some solid FORM to all of this inspiration and idea? MMMmmm, yes, me likes the sound of that. Lots of those bricks would build something beautiful.
The gardening calendar says to make something look beautiful
The space calendar shows Comet 244P/Scotti At Opposition (4.350 AU)
Apr 27
We can get so excited when a vision inspires us. Our hearts expand and we feel as though we are called forth on a magnificent adventure, exploration, or creative endeavor. It’s one of the things we exist for, I suppose, to find our creative gift and offer it to the world in the form of service or art or offspring or a tree or SOMETHING which leaves a little piece of us here after we pass…. Find that place today, or this year if it’s your birthday. Find that heart-centered place of joy. That place where you’d be “if there weren’t all of these cares, crisis, responsibilities, and debt and so on.” What would that place look like? Our hard work this day (or year) lies in perceiving, or being open to perceiving, a way in which to actualize said vision. It can be as simple as 20 minutes of spiritual or physical exercise a day! It can be as simple as a dietary change! So what works? What’s simple yet effective? And where is your heart and joy in all of this? We Humans are learning how to mix this all in a stew and have it sustain us. Let’s ask ourselves how we can act on this.
The gardening calendar says to prune to encourage growth
The space calendar shows Asteroid 8489 Boulder Closest Approach To Earth (1.832 AU)
Apr 28
I LOVE this day in the lunation cycle, or year if it’s your birthday, because it’s about OUR NECESSARY WORK! “What? What? Work? Mr. Astrologer, YOUR job is to inform me of how to make it EASIER and MO’ BETTA, whatchyu talkinabout, WORK? Necessary, at that!”- To which I respond thusly, “All of Astrology is but a reflection of that which is within you, me, us, them, all of us, one of me. All any Astrologer can do is describe that which already exists as Rhythm and Pulse and Song and share their translation of the collective and developing wisdom of the ancient observations of stories and myth in order to offer CHOICE. Therefore, if we thusly choose to resonate co-creatively with the archetypal story-of-the-day, we are dancing in rhythm, feeling the Pulse, and singing our Song. In these posts I do my gosh-darndest to translate the R, P, &S. So, circling back, our COLLECTIVE and INDIVIDUAL necessary work for today and until 2025 frankly is to imagine, or choose to imagine, or be open to imagining our most glorious existence, individually and collectively, and then to do our NECESSARY WORK of anchoring that into reality. Git er done. P.S. Ask for help.
The gardening calendar says to fix, clean, organize, or repair.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 6000 United Nations Closest Approach to Earth (2.018 AU)
Apr 29
The powers of Earth are strong today. Earth. Solid. Stable. Form-giving. In Earth we function, we ground, we do, and we ‘get real’. Wise Earth is practical and sustainable, conservation minded and pragmatic. When we do Earth right, tensions may still occur, but our reaction to them is less hyper-emotional and more stoic and dignified seeking solutions to problems, acting, instead of reActing to them. So let’s be Earth today, or this year if it’s your birthday. Let’s remember to keep our intention set on taking the necessary actions to do the Necessary Work. We can choose to stay strong and in alignment to our core natural ethics and grow or, out of fear, we can be stuck and stubborn unable to change thinking that the “old” way is the right way. But things ARE changing. We are slowly taking our power back. We are reenvisioning what this world and this existence is about. So IF we can maintain our courage, and IF we can maintain our core personal ethics, and IF we can let go of our OWN old dying ways which no longer work perhaps we, and the rest of the world, can begin to focus more on what DOES work. Git’er’done day 2.5
The gardening calendar says to continue to repair or upgrade.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 2015 HD10 Near-Earth Flyby (0.004 AU)
May 1
Sometimes I feel as though we are characters in some choose-your-own-adventure book living in a Universe inside the nucleus of an atom of a Pig’s hair in some twisted transdimentional multiversical dream. But ultimately it’s all a Mystery, right? Who REALLY knows? But sometimes those questions are beside the point because what really matters is that we are here now engaged in a world and a life where there are practicalities and necessities, and I’m not talking just kids and work, there’s our spiritual and emotional needs and and and ….! So what we are ALL going for, especially if it’s your birthday, is breakthrough. We are all emerging from the soil of our past and our wounds and are ready and determined to live a blessed life that’s beautiful like our dreams so how to ground the vision? How to stabilize the emotions amidst the turbulent and treacherous waters of a storm at sea at midnight. So we breathe. And we choose. And we access our SELF LOVE which tells us what we need and we do it and this love, this desire for peace PULLS the shadows out and rids us of them and PULLS our authentic power out of the ether and if we can at the very least, believe that it is possible then we just may ground that dream. P.s, Ask for help.
The gardening calendar says to plant flowers
The space calendar shows Asteroid 2985 Shakespeare Closest Approach to Earth (1.843 AU)
May 2
As you awaken…or, I guess when you hear this, or for the whole YEAR if it’s your birthday, set an intention. Let your intention be guided by a desire for peace. Of course, if “Peace” were that easy, we’d have a world FULL of it, but alas, intending to be peaceful and actually doing it, being it, loving it, sharing it, and sustaining it is the hard part. So these days…(you know what I’m gunna say) are about learning all of that. So what works? What’s the solution? What can we do? Well, we are learning every day with feedback from the Universe. What is working, or, better yet, what may seem REALLY hard but worth it? That’s one direction. How about our choice of perception? Can we see the dramas and joys and challenges and rewards of our lives as a big story? Who knows HOW it will end? Or does it go on and on and on and on like ‘General Hospital’ of daytime drama fame? All of these questions….. Hm, I guess it’s kinda interesting, watching this existence unfolding. Our clarity in observing it is key now in our quest for peace and
The gardening calendar says to plant flowers
The space calendar shows a full moon tomorrow at 10:42 pm cdt
May 3
The polarity of peace and passion. The axis of peaceful consistency and dramatic transformation. In one, we engage dragons, demons, wounds and scars from the past and their wretched desire to influence the future. And in the other we find our peace, our stability, our calm, and the ability to enjoy the simplicity of a breath, a flower, or a beautiful vista. Polarities are about integration. Like the Full Moon of this day, or this year if it’s your birthday, we are to integrate the opposing forces within us. We have seen tragedy and we have fears of the future but we also know our bodies and can use our conscious choice to calm down, breathe, look at the leaves or the river, and understand the Rhythm of it all. This is our work, to integrate the axis of generation and decomposition and regeneration. The moist earthy fertility of Taurus sustaining life and the decomposing factor of Scorpio where we break down all the refuse to give it back to the earth. Where is you is this playing out? Where are you seeking/needing the penetrating passion of regenerative conscious healing and where must you just simply breathe? Find them, stabilize them, learn from them and we just may see that we have everything we need.
The gardening calendar says to turn the compost
The space calendar shows a full moon at 10:42 pm cdt
May 4
“You’ve already made the choice, “Said the Oracle to Neo In ‘The Matrix’, “Now it’s your job to understand why.” And so it is today. Patience and impulse. The comfort zone and going beyond it. The powers of Attraction and the desire to go get it. We have chosen the time and place of our birth. That has set into motion a series of events and experiences based on the tone of that particular moment. Like a gong resounding through our life, every choice carries with it impacts we cannot always foresee. So today, or this year if it’s your birthday, own your life. Take responsibility for where you are now and resolve to take responsibility for where you’re going. But this takes drive and motivation and emotion. So where is it in you? Where is the feeling of joyful meaning permeating your life? What do you desire? What do you really need in simplicity? And how is your core mission, purpose, and ethic propagating your manifesting of your desires? As we contemplate these this full Scorpio moon day, let’s remember that in all of this there is no time for the superfluous.
The gardening calendar says to fertilize.
The space calendar shows the eta aquarid meteor shower peaking tomorrow
May 5
Tick…tick…tick…. I watch the daily movements of the Archetypes and can sense undercurrents and ripples, see patterns, get surprised by things I miss, see how it makes sense, see a new pattern, relate it to a larger pattern, contemplate meaning, relate it all to our greatest possible collective happiness and peace, and write it down. Like I know what’s actually “going to happen”! There is a chaos factor built into our Universe, thankfully, which negates my confidence in predicting events, good OR bad. So instead I look at the inherent meaning BEHIND any event. Why. Good thing happens….why, where’s it going, what purpose does it serve? Bad thing happens…. Why, where’s it going, what purpose does it serve? Ultimately, sheesh, there IS no good and bad, it’s all Evolution. So today, or this year if it’s your birthday, let’s get real with whatever events are transpiring in our personal lives and find the deeper meaning in them. Then let’s inject them with as much non-reactive wisdom as possible and then do the best we can to keep our optimism up and our eyes ahead. Clear seeing is called for now so let’s wash our perceptive windows.
The gardening calendar says to cultivate.
The space calendar shows Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower Peak
May 6
May there be blessed magic for you today, of this year if it’s your birthday! One of the tricks with Real Magic can be one of the simplest most overlooked processes that it’s no WONDER folks miss it so much! In the Magic Rule book, #1 is, (and it almost pains me to say something so obvious), is TO LOOK FOR IT! So often we shut out the Magic because we’re waiting for it to fall into our lap by some miraculous means or to have it arrive by the UPS guy at 5pm on Friday, but if we want REAL magic we must first believe that it’s possible! We must see that an atom is magic! Photosynthesis! Our lungs! Magic! Miracles! The caterpillar’s metamorphosis! Today, (and randomly throughout early summer) there are portals, gateways, wormholes, and other cool things available to us if ONLY WE HAVE THE EYES TO SEE THEM. So. What does it take? It takes imagination and vision and faith and hope and love and compassion and fullness of heart and joy and wonder and play and confidence and self-knowledge and self-love and belief and faith that all of this is possible and if we can do that then the magic comes and is available and like Green Lantern and his magic ring perhaps whatever we imagine we bring into manifestation….
The gardening calendar says to cultivate
The space calendar shows Asteroid 2597 Arthur Closest Approach to Earth (2.457 AU
May 7
Today, or this year if it’s your birthday, look around at your allies and see who’s there to support you in maintaining your alertness, clear headedness, and non-judgement. Whoever is there in your life who helps “keep it all in perspective” is worthy of taking it to the next level: the level of trust. Perhaps, concurrently, there have been folks in our life of late who have proved to be fair-weather only, or just in it for what they can get, or are just wanting one aspect of you. That can be ok for what they’re worth, during fair weather it’s GREAT to see a lot of friends. But we’re getting ready for something deeper and more reliable for the next few weeks. We’re gunna need those folks who are closest to our hearts. We’re gunna need those who are like soul family, those folks who, if one of you called, the other would be present and listen and offer help if possible. So high five yourself for the last few weeks of checkin things out and seein who’s there. Friends are magnificent to have. Now we may be called to go deeper in some relationships. Perhaps it’s time to come out of a shell or help another out of theirs. Healing our relationships is essential over the next few weeks so let’s finish our list and inventories today and begin to deepen the special ones, tomorrow.
The gardening calendar says to cultivate
The space calendar shows Asteroid 15092 Beegees Closest Approach To Earth (2.037 AU)
May 8
Did you have an experience in grade school where the bully pushed you down and a friend maybe told the bully to back off or maybe helped you up? Or what about when a friend picked up a dropped book at the bottom stair and was waiting smiling there for you when you got there? Or what about someone who just sits there and listens to you talk until you’re done and they say ‘What else?’ and you smile realizing that you WEREN’T done so they held the safe space for you to keep talking? Ya. That’s special. Many of us have those folks in our life. Some of us don’t. So today, THESE days, or this year if it’s your birthday, remember to BE that for someone. You have within you ALL of the love and compassion for others that YOU require when you are in need so let’s remember that perhaps we have something, something healing we can offer another. Notwithstanding, perhaps we ARE feeling alone and like no one can hold us on that level. If that’s the case then it becomes our job to be and do that for ourselves. What healing do we need? In order for us to feel really good about ourselves, what actions must we engage in to HEAL, REPAIR, and REPLENISH our hearts? There is energy available to give and receive now if we choose to open to it.
The gardening calendar says to transplant
The space calendar shows Comet 293P/LINEAR Closest Approach To Earth (2.721 AU)
May 9
What is real? We think we see reality out there but our eyes and ears only pick up a small amount of what’s actually out there. Our eyes can see only this little bandwidth of color. Our ears can only hear these certain frequencies. I know I’m not alone in knowing that there is much, much more to this reality than what we can immedeately perceive. But what about imagination? Where is that? Is that just random synaptic firings in the brain? What about Spirit or Soul? What are those? If they exist, what are they ‘made of’? What about our dreams, our visions of the future, and our ‘beliefs in the beyond’? Is that something tangible like a neuron? Ooooo, how about this….love. What is love? More neurochemicals? These questions are important today, especially if it’s your birthday. The veils are getting thinner between the questions and the answers. It thusly becomes our job to merge them. About the time those around 20 years old now come into power/maturity, there may be tremendous breakthroughs in this kind of consciousness research. But for now, let’s remember that if we can imagine it, we can anchor it. If we dream it, we can do it. And if we love it, we can merge with it. The only thing which may be holding us back are our beliefs of what’s possible.
The gardening calendar says to transplant
The space calendar shows Asteroid 6042 Chesirecat Closest Approach To Earth (3.133 AU)
May 10
Every once in a while a new idea or discovery comes along which totally and completely changes our view of reality. Take the flat earth for example. Seems logical, right? The Earth must have an edge! Don’t go too far or you’ll fall off! After the powers-which-were couldn’t keep the lid on that one any more, POOF!, the world is round, and our view changes and everything is fresh and new for a while until it becomes commonplace. So now, it’s like, “Duh, of course the Earth is round!” Today, or this year if it’s your birthday, be ready to declare or discover your own version of a flat world becoming round with a little insight, invention, or experimentation. It’s ok if our old version of reality falls away, it’s ok if what we though for all these years was purple is really, in actuality called PUCE! Things change, things evolve or revolve or disolve. So we let them. We let go of the old and make way for the new. We say goodbye to winter and hello to summer. We don’t hold onto winter screaming,”Please, PLEASE! I NEED another 20 below 0 day!” We accept it and move on. Let that happen. Let change happen. Amidst it we may find what is actually real.
The gardening calendar says to till or prune.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 16155 Buddy Closest Approach To Earth (2.076 AU)
May 11
If we’ve been wise then we have engaged in one of the biggest threats to economic productivity there is lately. If we have been in our power then we have been an affront to the giant machine of conventional society. The most courageous of us have put the brakes on, slowed down, or otherwise stopped for a moment altogether. This has been reflected in Mars’ journey through Taurus. This is where, if we ARE wise and powerful and courageous we’ve used that energy to FIND A LITTLE PEACE AND RESPITE FROM THE INSANITY OF THIS WORLD!!! Finish that up today, or this year if it’s your birthday. Let today be the giant letting-go out breath. Have the courage to come to your senses about what core values are vital to your peace and happiness. And IN that peace and AMONGST those core instinctual values, acknowledge that there is a part of you connected with the Earth and her natural rhythms. When we find those rhythms, all we really have to do, then, is dance along. For the Music changes tomorrow, it speeds up, surprising variances and tempos and instruments are added to the mix. So hopefully we’ve rejuvenated a bit because, astrologically, things are about to get….interesting.
The gardening calendar says to prune to discourage growth.
The space calendar says Asteroid 2919 Dali Closest Approach to Earth (1.838 AU)
May 12
And the painted ponies go up and down….. Here we are, caught in a time loop. The Grand Story was told at the Beginning and we’ve covered the same song over and over and over again since civilization began. Of course our understanding of the natural world grows. Things are ‘revealed’ and ‘uncovered’ like ancient technologies, and hopefully our love and consciousness grows, but the stories and themes BEHIND human evolution haven’t changed since day 1 and won’t ‘till day ‘end’. It seems to come down to the following: Dan Millman said it best, “At the end of our lives we ask, and it all flashes before our eyes because there is no time in that place, ‘Where could I have shown more Courage? Where could I have shown more Love?’ Ask at the end of each day and don’t wait till the end of your life.” Dang, Dude. Right on. And so it is today, or this year if it’s your birthday. Inject courage and love consciously into EVERY MOMENT POSSIBLE so that at the end of the day, no matter what has transpired, we can be content knowing we ADDED to the glory of the Grand Story.
The gardening calendar says to transplant or plant long-germinating seeds.
The space calendar shows Comet 266P/Christensen At Opposition (2.937 AU)
May 13
Please integrate, if you so desire, today, or this year if it’s your birthday, the following paraphrase of one of your favorite Pink Floyd tunes…..”All that you touch and all that you see, all that you taste, all you feel, and all that you love and all that you hate, all you distrust, all you save, and all that you give and all that you deal and all that you buy beg borrow or steal, and all you create and all you destroy and all that you do and all that you say and all that you eat and everyone you meet, all that you spite, and everyone you fight, and all that is now and all that is gone and all that’s to come and everything under the Sun is in’- YOU so what on Earth are you going to DO with the Universe available to you these days? One possible answer (of many) may lay underneath the layers of our Refuse accessed by releasing our past wounds and shadow-programming thereby freeing our energy up for creative visualizations of our greatest possible futures.
The gardening calendar says to transplant or plant long germinating seeds.
The space calendar shows Comet C/2015 G2 (MASTER) Closest Approach To Earth (0.471 AU)
May 14
Yesterday I spoke of our Astrological need to forgive and release the past in order to imagine most clearly our greatest possible future. So imagine that today, or this year if it’s your birthday. Imagine the courage it take to advance confidently in the direction of one’s dreams. Imagine the courage it takes, FIRST, to let go of old ingrained patterns and habits which may have at one time served us. We cried as a baby and Mommy gave us a bottle so some of us learned that all we had to do was CRY to get what we wanted from other people. Do things ever really change? Is every 80 year old still rewriting programs from infancy? (I know I am at 42!) So when do we change. When do we at least get to the next rung on the ladder. I guess the Saggy answer of the day is, when we take action. Action. So how can we take action today (and tomorrow)? How can we choose to choose to choose to believe we have the power to move our lives in the direction of joy and freedom? AND how can we remember to respect others and treat them lovingly during our process? Just a few questions to ponder. The moon is Balsamic. Prayers and release.
The gardening calendar says to cultivate.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 2101 Adonis Closest Approach To Earth (1.046 AU)
May 15
Mercury stations retrograde on May 18. Relax. Below are listed some helpful hints to get you through your superstitions and myths of this time to the real Astro-reasons why retrogrades occur and how to make good use of them. A retrograde planet is nothing more than its apparent backward movement due to the relative elliptical motion of the planets. But what it means archetypically is that there was a theme we “went over” with some awareness of its existence but didn’t “catch everything” the first time so we must go back and review the theme. Then, when the planet moves forward again, we integrate the lesson of the theme for fully and deeply. Comprende? So today, or this year if it’s your birthday, PAY ATTENTION! There are clues and synchronicities, signs, omens and portends in abundance. But be mindful. Coyote the trickster is at play too, trying to catch us unawares and from left field so GATHER all the evidence before coming to a conclusion. Laugh at life’s little foibles. Keep a calm head and keen eye. Breathe. Allow. Flow. If we hold on too tightly to our rigid constructs of our ‘reality’ they may crumble under the pressure. Allow life to dance on your open palm and it may provide an enjoyable show.
The gardening calendar says to give it a rest
The space calendar shows Asteroid 8080 Intel Closest Approach to Earth (2.365 AU)
May 16
Recently, on a (continuing) journey of Soul-reclaiming, I visited a most Sacred spot of mine, a very hot spring welling from the depths of the Earth after gathering information in the form of heat and minerals from near the magma. Many a vision and deep healing have I received at this spot. This time, my senses told me that there was a tremendous amount of information coming through in that water. I said, “Ok, ready for downloading,” and opened up to store said information for later viewing. I think I downloaded about 70 terabytes of information. I feel a bit overwhelmed. There’s so much here I don’t really understand. Like I must channel Champollion and decipher the Hieroglyphic. The words coming out of me in the next month may be the Magma talking. Therefore, it is in BOTH of our best interests to have the courage to keep an open mind, “follow the evidence wherever it may lead”, calm our personal mental chatter, and observe the Universe for what it is, a big ol’ Mystery to explore. This is ultra-important today, or this year if it’s your birthday. We are constantly picking up information we are completely unaware of. Some of that info holds clues and portends. Follow them without bias and they just may lead to something special.
The gardening calendar says to transplant or relax
The space calendar Asteroid 4772 Frankdrake Closest Approach To Earth (2.362 AU)
May 17
So complex can be these days of our lives. Intense and pervading may be our desire and intention to simplify. Incongruent, disharmonious, obtuse, and fragmented may be our rhythms when trying ride the waves created by Professor Chaos or Dr. Strangelove yet our desire for peace remains. So life can throw us these curve balls, sideliners, body checks, and catch 22’s like Coyote Trickster laughing pointless and frustrated in the late spring midnight. Still, our desire for peace remains. So today, or this year if it’s your birthday, let’s listen to that desire for peace and simplicity. Coyote may laugh, left field may be active, sudden surprise may startle, but within let’s remember to hold true and fast to our core desire for peace, calm, and tranquility. As the vehicles of our lives accelerate, circle back on themselves, and accelerate again, finding our most peaceful place internally will assist in the success of the journey. In astro-fact, deliberately intending to maintain our center will assist in co-creating more fun, laughter, variety, and information gathering by providing us a comfy vehicle through which to view the journey.
The gardening calendar says to give it a rest or plant flowers if you must.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 26858 Misterrogers Closest Approach To Earth (2.010 AU)
May 18
Sing it. You know you wanna. It’s Monday. Mercury stations retrograde. The Gemini Moon conjoins Mars. Sing it. YOU wish it were SUNDAY, ‘cause THAT’s your fun day, your ‘I don’t have to run’ day. So let us please integrate the following astro-suggestions to maximize a more healthy and comprehensive month, or YEAR if it’s your birthday. This is the journey of clearing our lenses. The longer we have lived and the more experiences we have had, the greater the possibility for our view of the world to be colored by our emotional pains, our psychological traumas, our reactions and downloaded programs. It seems to me that we are somehow being asked to wipe the slate clean. “Oh sure, Ry, I’ll simply place my life’s experience in the toilet and flush and be a crystal clear nameless cave-living yogi,” one could scar-castically retort. What I mean is, what IF we chose to look at our lives through as objective of a lens as possible wherein that information which has yet to come will be seen for what it IS as opposed to what we THINK it is or what we WANT it to be. Where what we shall be perceiving is taken for its “IS-ness” as opposed to what we experienced as a “was-ness”. Open minds will catch the most clues. And more clues will open gateways to the next step we are looking for.
The gardening calendar says to wait a couple days for the big planting
The space calendar shows mercury stationing retrograde.
May 20
At 3:45 am tomorrow morning the Sun moves into Gemini so today, or this year if it’s your birthday, let’s all make sure we’ve integrated a little mastery into our expression of Taurean energy. Here’s how (says someone needing to learn it): 1) Relax. Stop moving, calm down, take a breath, and steady the mind. Taurus is about finding peace the way a warrior would seek peace after a hard battle. Seek it, ask for it, DEMAND it even, and one just may attract it to them. 2) As eluded to 8 words ago, Taurus rules the attractive principle. Think a magnet. A magnet just sits there and when an object of its attraction comes into its field, said object is helplessly drawn to it. Therefore, as WE hold an intention in our field things, people, and events are naturally drawn to US due to ‘sympathetic resonation’. We then get to choose yes or no to them because not everything we attract to us is perfect. And 3) When it comes right down to it, the core of Taurus is self-love. Confidence and self-assuredness. A deep self-knowing wherein we are VERY specific as to what we want, need, require, prefer, and enjoy and we love ourselves enough to feel DESERVING (as opposed to entitled) enough to have said needs and enjoyments met. It’s up to us to love and care for ourselves, then as that cup floweth over, the way love does, there’s MORE than enough to share.
The gardening calendar says to plant plant plant plant plant
The space calendar shows Asteroid 58671 Diplodocus Closest Approach To Earth (1.419 AU)
May 21
Welcome to Gemini. Hi, good morning, glad you could all make it. Ready for the mantra for the month? Conventional media says it does it all the time. We expect it of our lawmakers, our parents, and our friends. We know it’s the best choice of action. Butterflies and monkeys may do it better than we can. If we REFUSE to say the mantra then we can get ourselves into a LOT of trouble! We can assume things and create things that werent there ever to begin with. It can shatter relationships, crumble regimes, and cost billions of dollars if we fail…(Well, ….sometimes, others we laugh at….). The Mantra for the Month, or the year if it’s your birthday, is “Clear, unbiased, objective, alert. Clear, unbiased, obJECTive, aLERT! CLEAR….” You get the picture, ‘cause that’s what this reality this is: pictures. Shadows on the wall. We live in a holographic Universe folks. Our reality is a construct of our choosing ‘reality’ to be way it is. Make a choice and we change our reality. Choose to see pain and the world hurts. Choose to see wealth, they say, and wealth we may see. But behind that choice there is a purer reality, a truer realm, a field beyond good and bad. There is the place we shall meet. And there we shall break bread as we pass each other on our journies.
The gardening calendar says to plant flowers to change the world
The space calendar shows Asteroid 1198 Atlantis Closest Approach To Earth (1.337 AU)
May 22
This is about as hardcore of a post as I think I can get on this platform so reader discretion is advised for those not interested in looking at shadow elements, woundedness, and everything ELSE we’d prefer not to look at….ok, still with me? How many of us have had our trust annihilated by someone wave exposed our most sacred center to? How many of us we’re born with joyful hearts only to be raised in a world where the most horrific atrocities imaginable occur on a daily basis by people you pay tax to? How many of us desire peace and love, and joy and unity and abundance and fresh simple food and water for all yet see so much waste and suffering and pollution and inequality? So what’s a guy or gal to do? He he…. (It’s at this point I LOVE the lens of Astrology). With Venus in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn today, or this year if it’s your birthday, the Power of Love, the Radiance of the Heart, the Love of Family be they soul or blood, and the Unity with others who feel that these feelings are possible, will transform the wound, the shadow, the dragon, and the darkness into a clean burning fossil fuel to power the upcoming revolution of consciousness. Sssssssnap.
The gardening calendar says to keep planting
The space calendar Lecture: The Search for Planets, Habitability, and Life in our Galaxy, Pasadena, California
May 23
You’ve gotta have heart. Miles and miles of heart. Fear, while easy to feel in its seduction and omnipresence, must be chosen away. Courage of heart is what is called for today, or this year if it’s your birthday. All we have to do is see what the realities of the world are to be overcome with rage, horror, and hopelessness. Power and money are centralizing, policies are promoting war, domination, dominion, and environmental degradation. It seems that there is no way but down and catastrophe is always looming and are we in some kind of ‘Matrix’ or illusory projected hologram because how can some of this stuff be real?!! But there is hope. There is one and only one thing in this Universe which will save us from a fiery cataclysmic end in the 2030’s……you. Yup. You are our savior and redeemer. You are the One who can save the planet from certain annihilation. It is up to you and you alone to choose Love over fear. No one can make you do it or do it for you. You choose to radiate your gifts, your joy, your faith, and your love over radiating your fear or rage or horror and then the next person and the next and today make that choice and see what joy you can express even for no reason or in spite of any fear.
The gardening calendar says to prune to encourage growth.
The space calendar shows Saturn At Opposition
May 24
Sheesh. I want my birthday on a Sunday. This is like 17 for 20 in Sundays where I say relax or go play or do something fun. So, astrologically speaking, do that today, or this year if it’s your birthday. Sometimes the fun or relaxation we seek is due to pent up stress or energy needing release. So we move our bodies in varying levels of effort, trigger some endorphins, balance our chakras, breathe, and then feel relaxed. But a possible astro-suggestion THIS time is to have there be a purpose to the fun. Like creating, playing music, dancing, singing, artistic expression all GENERATE energy. Perhaps we have a fond memory of a particular song played around a particular bonfire. Our dear friends are present and we are all joyfully singing. An energy is raised and the heart space triggered and many hearts dance and create together and when the last chord has strummed and fades out we look at each other knowing we’ve created something….added more life force to the collective field. Alone or together, let’s see what we can do to generate that kind of chi, that life force of joy or love or magic or creativity that we all have felt and we all know is a preferred feeling, and add it to the overall field of joy or love or magic or creativity so that when we or others need a little more juice there’s a little more to go around.
The gardening calendar says to prune or mow.
The space calendar shows Comet 146P/Shoemaker-LINEAR At Opposition (2.842 AU)
May 25
I was about to say, “What’s a good 80’s song without it being about tainted love” but then I thought of a majority of Day trippin ‘Beatles’ songs. And most country songs. Ahh, the Blues by any other name would not sound so bitter. Relationship is the Ultimate Spiritual Discipline. More than Yoga or Priesthood, more than fire walking or astral projection, the rigor and consciousness required in ‘mastering’ Human Relationship is a task that only the most courageous and the most loving ‘should’ engage in. The fears and triggers, longings and sorrows, frustrations and aggravations are the battlefield for our deepest tests. But relationships can also, and more hopefully be, the playground for our deepest healing, our richest love, and our highest joys. SO. How to ‘do it right’?! LIKE I KNOW! I’M HUMAN! But that’s the start right, admitting who we are. Like totally. Not like, “I want that so I’m gunna be what they want so I can get what I want” but rather, “this is the totality of my being, wrinkles and sags and all and here is my truth and this is my heart and this is my song and if there’s harmony, even amidst note-searching disharmonies, who my heart is meets all who your heart is and we like each other’s song then let’s sing. Put simply, we have our truth and our heart and if we stay there all will be well ‘cause we’ll then attract exactly who and what we need because the truth works and if it doesn’t work it’s not true.
The gardening calendar says to make the necessary repairs.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 15417 Babylon Closest Approach to Earth (2.731 AU)
May 26
So what does it mean, having things work… or, work out? If they say, “The truth works, if it doesn’t work it’s not true,” what does that mean? Sometimes things are hard. Does that mean they don’t work? How do we tell the DIFFERENCE between things being hard and things not working? Deeper, how do we implement effective and necessary discrimination in our OWN lives as to what works and what doesn’t for OURSELVES- our actions and habits, our perceptive filters, our engagement with healing our wounds and lessening our triggers. I guess that’s what today is for, or this year if it’s your birthday. Let’s find the courage necessary to sift through the mud and muck of what’s not working by acknowledging the work we are consciously doing. Say we are reclaiming or relearning trust. So sometimes trusting has not worked. Perhaps we chose untrustworthy people. That doesn’t mean trust doesn’t work. It just means we haven’t yet learned how to tell who’s trustworthy. Do we give up trusting? Only if we’re bitter. But we try again, this time with more wisdom and faith and discernment. And that’s our work and it’s hard. And eventually it works by having done the hard work. If there isn’t a reason, purpose, deeper meaning or truth then I guess it can’t work. Let’s find our truth and do the work.
Stake the tomatoes.
The space calendar shows Comet 198P/ODAS at Opposition (4.176 AU)
May 27
One of the beautiful things about a Retrograde Mercury is that it often reflects a period in our lives wherein we review some of the information, beliefs, and assumptions we have collected over the past weeks, months, or years even. These days, we have the ability to rewrite our past based on our perception of it. Sure facts remain but it takes incredible courage and power to even entertain the possibility that we misperceived an event. But think about it. When we’ve been on the receiving end of another’s rage we feel like the victim. Therefore, whenever we revisit that memory we are looking at that experience through the ‘victim’ lens. Natural, right. Someone screams at us and it wasn’t OUR voice, so yes, “victim’ is a natural lens. But what if, just what IF we were able to replace that with a lens entitled, “compassion for the suffering and unconscious behavior of humans”. There is a possibility that certain ‘realities’ of that past experience could change. So today, or this year if it’s your birthday, have the courage to swap out some old tapes. Review what you can and insert into those memories as much objectivity as possible. Then we can lessen the control the past has over our future and we can soon engage in a beautiful one.
The gardening calendar says to plant this afternoon
The space calendar shows. Mercury Passes 1.7 Degrees from Mars
May 28
It seems counterintuitive to set sail into a foggy night. Yet sometimes we have no choice. Sometimes the timing of life’s challenges are juxtaposed in inverse proportion to our desire for peace. Irony can be coyote’s paintbrush. So when the time to set sail, or get the kids to school, or finish the report, or harvest the peas comes we must act. Sometimes a day can be setting sail, getting the kids to school, finishing the report, and harvesting the peas by a 10:30 deadline! Welcome to your Ninja training! Slicing with one hand, cutting with the other, throwing a leg kick, and listening to your Mother tell you about her bunions on speaker phone. But you can do it, especially if it’s your birthday. You can maintain composure while driving with a crying baby through heavy traffic because you, in your training, are learning to maintain stillness amidst the tornados. You are learning how to come back to the peace every moment the war rages around you. You are learning how to maintain your balance while being pulled in every direction. NO it is not easy, YES it can feel unending, but we must, we have to have faith that we are being prepared for something else, something more, something greater or happier or smoother….. If we can begin to see the peace amidst the war the war itself may change to peace.
The gardening calendar says to plant flowers
The space calendar show Asteroid 2266 Tchaikovsky Closest Approach To Earth (2.997 AU)
May 29
If ever there were a day, or a year if it’s your birthday, that I could suggest that we let go of all thought it would be this day. Or to quote the Violent Femmes, “Words to memorize, words hypnotize, words make my mouth exercise, words all fail the magic prize…” We can get so filled with mis and dis information sometimes. Our media says one thing, our Doctor says another, then the media says what the Doctor says and we believe it until studies show that they were all wrong except for people with a name beginning in T , F, or J. OR deeper, or parents taught us one thing, school another, the ‘streets’ yet another, and our peers another still. So what do we believe? Sam Clemens said that there are 3 kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics. So today (again, or this year if it’s your birthday) trust your instincts. Open your senses to your feeling-intuitive center if for some reason the ‘facts’ are misleading, incongruent, or otherwise clouded. We are being asked to trust that subtle voice. But first we must be willing to sift through our mental noise to get there. WE must be willing to see the limitations of the thinking rational left brain and know that there is a part of us, right brain or otherwise, that is connected to a much larger field of knowing than many of us currently know. We must be willing to open to those roads. We must be willing to go on that journey, the journey of letting go of what we know.
The gardening calendar says to plant flowers
The space calendar shows Asteroid 4034 Vishnu Closest Approach to Earth (0.965 AU)
May 30
There is a power and a magic building in our lives. We are collectively becoming more aware of who and what we are. We are light. We are love. We are truth. But for all of our lives we have been plagued with this commercial which says we are our teeth or brand of coffee. We have been taught that there are limitations in this realm and that we are ‘only human’. We’ve been taught how to act, react, choose, and think by the society and the reality we have chosen to subscribe to. But no longer. Today, or this year if it’s your birthday, let go. Let …it….go. There is only so much we can control. But there is a future we feel is possible. So in order for that future to become so amazingly and beautifully present in our lives we must MAKR ROOM FOR IT. Meditate on that. What must we free ourselves of? What thoughts, judgments, desires, pains, hopes, dreams, rules, lists, and laws must we let go of, release into the ethers? If we can do this, or begin to do this, or at the very least imagine that it’s possible then we free ourselves of lifetimes of burden which we simply no longer need. Then we are free to allow the next possibility or opportunity to fall in our lap. We are then free to be downloaded with the next level of information. What that is I cannot say. It seems to be coming from the Pleiades so brace yourself. If we can ride this wave it just may take us to some yet undiscovered truths.
The gardening calendar says to transplant and turn the compost.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 310 Margarita Closest Approach to Earth (1.554 AU)
May 31
I shall be discussing this topic at different points over the next several weeks because the implications reflected in the potential expressions of this astrological event could have repercussions extending far into the human future. I am talking about the culminating trine between Jupiter and Uranus. First consider the trine. Beauty. Harmony. Things working out with ease, flow, and simplicity. But SINCE they’re so good and easy, we often take them for granted and MISS opportunities due to laziness, overconfidence, or assumption. But when we act on them, engage consciously in the possibilities, and work out magic, beautiful, joyful, and rewarding experiences can occur. Jupiter expands what it touches by injecting it with opportunity, hope, and optimism. Uranus is the change which occurs when we are in our authentic truth- we innovate, invent, and receive insight. Imagine what could happen if these two are singing in harmony and helping one another. Big change? Hopeful opportunities? Society changing inventions? However this energy manifests in our lives could be really beautiful so today, or this year if it’s your birthday, get conscious of any emotional or perceptive roadblocks to your magic. Fear? Confidence? Self-worth? Not to be sharp but let’s get over it, there’s just too much magic to be had this summer.
The gardening calendar says to plant, transplant, or turn the compost.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 9341 Gracekelly Closest Approach to Earth (1.486 AU)
In preparation for tomorrow’s full moon let’s go back to the last new moon and recall what intention we had at that time. Think back to mid-May. What was your desire? What was your intention? The New Moon was in Taurus so think about what Taurus desires; peace, simplicity, yumminess. Was there a map you drew to get there, a new way of looking for them, or new habits you’ve chosen to attain said peace? What? What’s that? Life is intense? Life can be hardcore and chaotic? Well that’s the lesson! Especially if it’s your birthday! Amidst the phone and email and bills and appointments and car repairs and spazzed out kids we MUST find our center. So the gift of this day is to become very real. What’s more important, insanity or breath? Which is healthier, a strong steady pace with both feet on the ground or hyper frantic distracted cross country unicycling? (Granted some of you may be professional unicyclists and find that thrilling.) So after we clear some cobwebs and shake out some rugs let’s come back to our bodies, feel our feet rooted to the Earth, and begin to plan our next adventure.
The gardening calendar says to transplant this am
The space calendar shows Asteroid 4257 Ubasti Closest Approach to Earth (1.722 AU)
June 2
Confucius says, “To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know is Knowledge. But Ryan asks, “How do we know that we know what we know and, concurrently, how do we know that we don’t know what we don’t know?” We have a perception and our brains translate the information into something we can understand but how do we know the true reality of a fact or, for that matter, an experience? We struggle all of our lives to see this world through our own eyes and not the eyes of Mother or Father or Church or State or School or Peers or Society or Group but invariably some of what we see, think, and prefer is not actually our own preference, it’s what we LEARNED is truth. So what is information and how do we TRULY ascribe meaning to it? Is there an ULTIMATE TRUTH? And what the heck is an atom REALLY composed of!? Like any Sag worth his weight, I’d like to propose an answer to the question of Ultimate Truth. Yes. There is an Ultimate Truth. It’s called YOUR truth. NOT your moms or dads or states or society’s but yours and your alone. But there’s a trick: thinking….logic… reason…and statistics won’t get you there. Only the imagination. Only your creativity. Only your intuition, your dreams, and your faith. THOSE are what we are to rely on, especially if it’s your birthday, THOSE are your keys to the kingdom, and THOSE are what will set us free.
The gardening calendar says to go on a hike tonight.
The space calendar shows Comet 288P Closest Approach To Earth (2.233 AU).
June 3
Overnight in our dreamspace we may have received a clue. I have no idea what that means. I say the words ‘may have’ because you may not remember it. So imagine it. Imagine that there is an answer. Imagine that the dreams and desires we are having of living happier healthier lives don’t have to be just dreams. Imagine what it feels like when we’ve obtained them. What’s life like? What are we doing? What are the happenings and goings on? It’s so important these days to find our optimism and faith amidst the struggles of life, especially if it’s your birthday, so finding perfection, meaning, and joy in our imagination can be like a homing beacon to reality. When we hear the note, we can then tune our guitar. So listen for the note today, or try to remember something from your dreams last night, or make it up right NOW, wherein more of our truth and joy and happiness can be integrated into our lives. Beginning this evening let’s set hammer to nail and begin to construct from the blueprints we imagine now.
The gardening calendar says to prune, burn, or mow.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 793 Arizona Closest Approach To Earth (1.791 AU)
June 4
It’s ok, in all there is purpose. Purpose. Astrology is not CAUSAL. A retrograde Mercury doesn’t break your car. Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t corrupt every big businessperson and government and Jupiter’s transit through Leo does not make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Astrology ‘works’ in a different way. Astrology has its truth, its power, its magic, its effectiveness, and its foresight and hindsight in the principle of REFLECTION. Astrology is reflective. Ours seems to be a holographic Universe wherein everything is connected like individual drops making up an entire ocean. So in these posts I read the REFLECTIVE energy of the CURRENT pulse of the CHOICES we are making. So today, or this year if it’s your birthday, let’s CHOOSE to work on that stuff we’ve been wrestling with since like 2008 or 10 and if not be totally done with it at least get a little more clarity as to how to resolve some of the more pernicious and tenacious aspects of them. Perhaps it’s our relationships our jobs, our home life or the way we express ourselves, maybe it’s money or time or society but wherever it is let’s start by saying,
“I take my power back”, then, “I take my time or money or love or friends back”. Then we do it and happier and more whole we become.
The gardening calendar says to transplant
The space calendar shows Asteroid 6239 Minos Closest Approach to Earth (0.319 AU)
June 5
As Venus spends her last morning in Cancer for a year or so, let’s review what we have learned, (and please integrate these deeply if it’s your birthday: 1) Our relationships are sacred. We let people into our energy field and once we do that we are vulnerable. The deeper we let others into our lives, our being, our experience, and our emotions, the more trustworthy they had best be. 2) Awareness of who is worthy is based on intuition and experience. Once bitten twice shy as the song says. If someone breaks ones’ trust one’s heart must be deeply felt and experienced by the other for healing. Words can only go so far. 3) IF we wanted to we could find plenty of reasons to trust NO ONE. We must be willing to come out of our shell and engage a bit if we have any expectation of another joining us in OUR little cave. In fact, if we want this trust and love, and depth from another, we’d best be trustworthy ourselves. 4) Relationships are work. Hard, frustrating, triggering work but either they ultimately feed us or not. We nurture and get nurtured or not. We build and grow through the adversity or not. No pretending, to falseness because all that gets exposed in good relationships anyway so let’s keep those close to our hearts whose hearts we wish to nourish and be nourished by.
The gardening calendar says to transplant
The space calendar shows Federation of Galaxy Explorers’ Galaxy Ball, Arlington, Virginia
June 6
Yesterday, Venus, the planet which reflects ‘that which is within us wanting resonance with that which is without us’, moved into Leo. This is big because once she leaves Leo mid-July, she will retrograde back into Leo and stay there until October 8. Yah, that’s like all summer. So here in you is a desire for relationships. It can be people, things, places, whatever…. Who are our allies? Who are our friends? What is it we are seeking to attract into our lives? Those are questions only you can answer. But Astrology can answer the why. WHY are we attracted to these people or circumstances? What are the best ways to attract what we want into our lives? What TYPES of people assist us in our mission, vision, or pursuit of happiness? The astro answer is to seek allies who encourage our joy. The astro answer is to find folks who like the way our song sounds and whose song is something WE are interested in listening to. Love is about celebrating each other, (even if you’re loving a flower) the way the flower celebrates the summer. Let this summer be about attracting to us our joy. Let’s have the confidence to shine and radiate like the Sun and be with those who can laugh joyously and without judgement. We shall know our friends by their radiance and we shall have plenty if we show our own. Let yourself be celebrated even if it’s only by a mirror.
The gardening calendar says to prune or mow.
The space calendar says Venus At Its Greatest Eastern Elongation (44 Degrees)
June 7
Well this is interesting. Upon awakening, the moon is 60 degrees from Uranus. This is a Sextile. There is excitement and opportunity if we follow the impetus. But Uranus is sextiling the Sun Mars conjunction in Gemini. And those guys are sextiling Jupiter. I call this a Rainbow pattern. Y’know, like the ‘pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow’. Like, follow the rainbow to your dreams. Anchoring the opposing sides of this Rainbow are Jupiter in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius. This tells us that all of that yummy stuff up there, our courage and power, (Mars), our Spirit, Motivating Operative, and Energy, (Sun), and our magic, uniqueness, insight, and invention, (Uranus), comes to us to the degree we ground, anchor, make real, integrate, or otherwise act on, our heartfelt mission and purpose (Jupiter) and our intuition, whimsy, and true feelings (moon). Other than that little thing relax and do what things you need to do to begin to reflect on the last month and how the next one is gunna be even better.
The gardening calendar says to innovate.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 7088 Ishtar Closest Approach To Earth (1.661 AU)

June 9
We have all of this energy to move forward into that which excites us these days. Like a kid in a candy shop there is so much in this world to do and see and taste and touch that we can go into sensory overload, scream that we want this and that and that and this, melt down, and need a “time out”. Let us AVOID that today, or this year if it’s your birthday. Today let’s see the magic in release. “But there’s this and that to do and it all has to be done NOW!” we panic. Good. Let’s get aware of those tendencies in ourselves. Let’s notice our frustrations and rages and intensities. Now let it go. Calm down, let it go, and use the energy of this day to look back over the last few weeks and forgive others of their trespasses as we ask for forgiveness for ours. What we are looking for, in the bigger picture, is the courage to see this world for what it TRULY is, whatever that may be. SO in order for that to occur we must let go of everything we have THOUGHT it has been. I have this feeling that in a few days after Mercury has gone direct, we’ll get to start eating (responsibly) the candy we’ve been gathering so use this day to heal. Use this day to practice letting go. Use this day to remember the good and forgive the bad. We need all the clarity we can get but if it’s foggy, drive more carefully, stay attentive, or keep it safe and stay home and take a nice hot bath.
The gardening calendar says to transplant
The space calendar Asteroid Purple Mountain Closest Approach To Earth (1.129 AU)
June 10
I am so blessed to have grown up watching Saturday morning cartoons in the 70’s and 80’s. While Underdog, Scooby-Doo, and Superfriends were entertaining and allowed my parents to sleep in, it was the great educational cartoons of “Schoolhouse Rock!” that were my favorite. They started each vignette with the opener, “As your body grows bigger, your mind must flower. It’s great to learn, ‘cause knowledge is POWER!” Boom. Then I’d learn about nouns or the suffrage movement or the Preamble to the US constitution. You are reading this because of ‘Conjunction Junction”. SO today, or this year if it’s your birthday, take a good look at the knowledge we have accumulated and SHARE some of your wisdom, perspective, or good ideas with someone who may be ready to hear them or open up and ASK for more info, clarity, or definition. Mercury stations tomorrow so CONCLUSIONS aren’t as important as CONVERSATIONS. Tomorrow is a big day astrologically speaking so let’s use our heart to explore all that has transpired over the last 4 to 6 weeks, talk with others about it, look at it objectively without judgment, and have as much fun as possible doing it.
The gardening calendar says to prune, mow, or till.
The space calendar shows. Asteroid 28600 Georgelucas Closest Approach To Earth (1.182 AU)
June 11
Retrogrades are so very important and beneficial to the Story. Your Story. The Human Story. Without them I wonder if we’d ever REALLY learn much. I mean learn. I mean the deeper integration of knowledge and wisdom. Sure, we’d get the facts but the next thing would come up so quickly we wouldn’t have the opportunity to review, reflect, fact-check, and digest our life’s experience. It would be like breathing in without ever breathing out! So as Mercury stations Direct at 5:22pm CDT, with the Moon conjoining Uranus, sextiling Sun and Mars, and trining Jupiter, Juno, and Pallas Athene, we are ready to write a new Story having reviewed the previous one. Have we clearly observed the “old tapes”? Some of us may have been ‘hit over the head’ with our old stuff the last few weeks. YAY! Now we know! (And knowing is half the battle). We’ve seen the “Great and Powerful OZ” and the trickster behind the curtain. We, if we are wise, are now aware of the limitations our prejudices and assumptions hold for us. So we let them go today. So we imagine a new script today, or this year if it’s your birthday. And now that we’ve reviewed how we perceive this world and our engagement in the Story, Neptune stations retrograde until mid-November so we can review our dreams, visions, spirituality, creativity, and subtle threads which unite us all.
The gardening calendar says to rest.
The space calendar shows that the Moon Occults Uranus
June 12
What is it that you really want? How do you know you don’t already have it? “Yah right I have a million dollars, Mr. Astrologer. I know I don’t have that!” But my questions are deeper than surface. You say you want a million dollars but is it the gold bullion and Jet Ski and big house you really want or the security and fun and comfort and peace of mind that you want which, sometimes, and I stress, sometimes, provides? So I’ll ask again, what is it you really want, especially if it’s your birthday? Great relationship? Fine. Is it the physical love, the cure for loneliness, and having a date for national holidays we are after or an opportunity to create more compassion, healing, joy, and Love in the world as celebrated with another we are going after? Ask those questions of yourself today. Go into your body wisdom and ask what it really needs. What are its TRUE desires? Ice cream yummy joy or the energy release of a sugar crash? When the new moon comes on June 16 we go full steam ahead so use the quiet of the next few days to let go of the old stuff, ask what’s really important in your life, come back to your senses, and define what you value. Then, in a few days, we can begin to look for all of that in earnest.
The gardening calendar says to transplant if ya gotta.
The space calendar showsAsteroid 2 Pallas At Opposition (8.6 Magnitude)

June 14
Energy and power are ours today, or this year if it’s your birthday, if we have the courage to see clearly. The second we go into words like judgment, projection, assumption, inference, second-guessing, and self-righteousness we fail. So avoid them. Yes, of course we need to filter life through our experience and knowledge and heart but to filter life through our pain, our distrust, our fear our sorrow our anger, we are again set up for suffering. So HOW do we see clearly when our life has made us who we are? Courage, my friends. It may be a sheer act of will to choose to say, “I’ve had enough,” and make different choices. But choose we must. Anger or personal strength? Frustration or self-empowerment? Action or implosion? While we best wait a couple days till the New Moon for the final decision, choice, action, or engagement, now is the time to get the final pieces together, place them on the scale of our heart, and see if they are in relative alignment. Ask around. Connect with your friends. Get a second and third opinion as to what our next best course of action is. There is Magic afoot for the next several weeks. The energy flowing through the field is approaching high intensity. With this we can light a city or destroy it so please be careful. We, as a species, are now becoming much more powerful, aware, and magical than we ever thought was possible so keep it real, stay in your heart, and keep some good humor about it all.
The gardening calendar says not to.
The space calendar shows Comet yo momma at its closest approach
June 15
Those dreams last night? Omens. Clues. “But Ryan, I was chased by my kindergarten teacher wearing a pink tutu as she slashed violently at me with a chainsaw that didn’t work because it was full of flowers and I ran into a refrigerator and she vanished and all that was left was a case of chocolate pudding and a dead cat. What kind of clues am I to follow from that>?!” Ha! I reply, it was YOUR dream… YOU make up your OWN meaning….Hm. making up meaning. I like the sound of that. Perhaps that’s all Astrology, and, for that matter, this LIFE is; whatever we make it up to be. Green is green because we have all said it is and we agree on it. But what if we had the courage to change our mind about what this world is? What if, amidst our grief or pain or bankruptcy or divorce or broken leg or lost job, we could actually change our perception of said grief or pain or bankruptcy or divorce or broken leg or lost job so that the grief or pain or bankruptcy or divorce or broken leg or lost job actually DOES change? Impossible? Can you imagine it? Yes? Then it’s possible, especially if it’s your birthday. Now is the time to imagine that we can shape our world according to our perception of it. This is tomorrow’s new moon and the intention to set: Can we have the courage to say what we must, listen with our heart, and wipe clean our windows so that the next clue or omen is not only audible and visible, but clear and well understood.
The gardening calendar says not to.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 17768 Tigerlily Closest Approach To Earth (2.238 AU)
June 16
Upon reading this set your intention in the ethers the way a gardener plants her seed, lovingly and resolutely. “By your words you will be justified and your words, condemned.” “As a man speaketh in his heart, so is he.” “Words sound power.” Mars represents our energy to move. The feelings of motivation and impetus and knowing our choice and the strength, courage, fortitude, and wisdom to see the action through. Gemini is always changing always moving never stopping. Open and fresh.Listenting.Speaking.Talking .Sharing. New moons sound the gong of the tone of the next rung in the ladder ever upward. It is time for some new scripts for Mars, old friend. Anger is expressed outward in unconscious recognition of its desire to simply be received…understood…. Heard. One of the most healing things for the Evolution of the Masculine Archetype is for it to do the best possible job it can speaking and listening clearly. Those wishing to heal the Beast often just need to lend a compassionate and nonjudgmental ear. It takes two to tango they say (Gemini). It takes BOTH sides of the coin to make the call. The masculine will not be listened to if bombs are its words so what it is really trying to say. Is it scared, alone, hungry, sad, missing mommy, missing daddy? Hands on tummy…”Speak up, Rage! Are you just sad? Do you feel unappreciated? Are you scared?” And listen. Especially if it’s your birthday, listen to that welling power. What does it want to say? How can it clear the fear and find the jolly peaceful warrior? We’ve got this lunar cycle to contemplate that.
The gardening calendar says wait a couple days or just do a buncha different stuff.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 1566 Icarus Near-Earth Flyby (0.054 AU). Nice
June 17
“Sleep and I shall soothe you, calm you and anoint you. Myrrh for your hot forehead. Ooooo. Don’t you know everything’s alright, everything’s fine. And we want you to sleep well tonight…, “sang Mary Magdalene in “Jesus Christ Superstar. The tone of this month, or this year if it’s your birthday, is action packed, so as we embark on our self-discovery, or self uncovery, or self havefunnery, let’s remember to take really good care of ourselves in the process. What is it we need for our healing? Sometimes we yell and scream into the pillow, sometimes we sit with our counselor, and sometimes we avoid it altogether. But today let’s happily engage in a rebuilding, moistening, nurturing, and soothing brand of healing. A hot bath. A long walk in the woods. A massage. A good cry. This is good. It opens us up. Let’s out the steam. Anything that has built up in us that is toxic, limiting, scary, or threatening is ready to come to the surface for healing so let it. Don’t run. Say, “Hi, fear. Awww, are you scared? What are you scared of? Let me hold you. There, there. Shhhh. The monster’s not gunna get you. I’m here,” as you stroke its hair back from its eyes and you look into the eyes of that pain and offer it compassion. There, there. Rest in the arms of the Great Mother and allow all of that shadow to evaporate.
The gardening calendar says to plant
The space calendar shows Asteroid 10379 Lake Placid Closest Approach to Earth (2.473 AU)
June 18
Earlier this week, Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio. Yes, you in the back… yes, ALL planets except the Sun and the Moon retrograde. The Sun, or our Essence of Self, is our focal point, the point around which all the others orbit. Soooo that can’t appear to go backwards on itself. The Moon is too close to give an appearance of retrograde. So here’s Saturn; the hard work. Dishes. Saturn is the pile of dishes in my sink saying, “Wait as long as you want. I’ll be here. Don’t mind the gathering smell, though.” Uggh. I don’t want to do the dishes. I’ll just sit here and type. Hm HMmm do de dooo… Yup. The dishes are still there. They won’t wash themselves. What? Really? I want to eat! What do you mean there’s not a clean pan? Arrrgh. I guess I better do the dishes. What an arduous task! ….Wait!….Ahh. The last dish! It’s done! They’re clean! Hooray! And we have a feeling of completion and satisfaction. Now. Instead of dishes, imagine all of the pain and hurt and fear and obsessive worry and regret we have and all of the deep healing we know we must reengage in. Yah. Those are like the pile of dishes. Saturn says quit cryin and do the work. By the end of the summer, we will then emerge with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction at a large task completed. Hooray, Saturn!
The gardening calendar says to plant
The space calendar shows Mars Spring Equinox
June 19
I’m imagining an insurance seminar. The lecture is “Historical market trends relating to income and employment”. 4 and a half hours into it your name is called and you come back into your body from your imagined luxury Hawaiian vacation. The guy sitting next to you, your old class mate is smiling. Instantly, your mood lifts and you giggle and guffaw enough to be of slight disturbance to your neighbors. Later, you say, “Wow, with you, even an insurance seminar can be enjoyable!” So Mr Sag speaks up. Why couldn’t we just enjoy the seminar for what it was? Enjoy. En- joy. To fill with joy. Technically, we can Enjoy just about anything. So love your life, especially if it’s your birthday. Enjoy it. Enjoy this day. Let’s inject any and everything we do with as much joy and light and creative expression as we can possibly choose to choose. This is not just, hey, have a great day. This sets a tone for the next month and, moreover, has the potential to elicit magic and wonder like we have never before experienced. More tomorrow.
The gardening calendar says to prune or mow
The space calendar shows Kuiper Belt Object 50000 Quaoar At Opposition (41.979 AU)

June 20
At 11:37:52am tomorrow the Sun will shift into the Season of Cancer. The Summer Solstice marks the point of the Sun’s highest declination, or rather, our maximum tilt toward it, in the northern hemisphere. The plants are filling, they need our care. Now is the seasonal relation where now the Sun’s light decreases and we must hold true to that which we find sacred or necessary and nurture it’s continued development. So, today, or this year if it’s your birthday, is where we get to ask ourselves the big big questions. What’s worth it- our time and energy and focus and intention and joy? What are we engaged in that is most sacred to us? Perhaps we’ve explored this lately. Perhaps we’ve asked a lot of questions of the Universe, too. Perhaps today we can fill ourselves with the joy and happiness (and positive attitude) we know we deserve. Then, with laughter, perhaps share that with those we love or are just meeting. Imagine a final pollination to a seed you’d like created. Get a little help. Give a little help. Then, make the choice with all of your heart. This next 6 months holds such incredible potential so store up that summer sun deep in your bones and let it empower you forward.
The gardening calendar says to pick flowers.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 2015 LR21 Near-Earth Flyby (0.006 AU)
June 21
Today at 11:37:52am CDT the Sun moves into the Season of Cancer. The days now grow shorter. Ironic, yes, how Summer is just heating up but the daylight will decrease. Is there meaning there? Always. Cancer is the Cardinal water sign reflecting our feeling and emotional and poetic body the way the Full Moon reflects on a Lake. Sometimes the wind ripples, sometimes it’s a clear reflection, but our Lake is our Soul. The experience we’ve gathered over this and perhaps even other lifetimes. So these are the days of listening to that Soul, that Heart, that feeling intuitive part of us rooted in Pure Love. So with the garden beginning her offerings we gather the strawberries of our Life and lay up preserves for the cold winter months. Do that today, or this year if it’s your birthday. Feel what’s good and right in your life and with loving gratitude hold it to your heart the way a Mother tenderly holds her newborn. Relish the strawberries. Share them with those you love. Let’s feel our lifes experience consciously and see the good and the bad as all contributing to who we are. And in that feeling give thanks that we exist, and strawberries exist, and let them nourish us.
The gardening calendar says to get some garden work done this evening
The space calendar Summer Solstice, 11:38:am central
June 22
IN your hands there is magic. Imagine that today, or this year if it’s your birthday. Imagine that anything you can visualize you van materialize. ANYthing? That’s a lot, Mr. Astrologer. Well, I can’t predict your outcome in this. It has to be all you. I can hope for our healing and consciousness, unity and forgiveness, power shifting and economic rebalancing, but you get your final say. YOU are the maker of your destiny, the chooser of your perception, and the creator of your reality. And, astrologically speaking, now is the time to remember your magic. But is ‘creating our own reality’ all that simple? “Yah, if I had a couple hundred grand I could easily create reality the way I want it!” one may say. “Ask, believe, receive!” may say an over-optimist. But REAL magic is in the effort, the blood, sweat, and tears, the focus, the hammer and nail, and the fortitude and perseverance in cultivating the Magic. Of course Grace and Providence occur at times and this day carries an opportunity to see them. If we have the eyes to see. If we are open to the possibilities, if we have faith, and if we stay ‘in the light’. We are on the edge, folks. These are sensitive times. IF we can stay in our bodies and do our good work and get the job done, we just may chisel a little heaven into this Earth.
The gardening calendar says to stake the tomatoes
The space calendar says Centaur Object 10199 Chariklo At Opposition (14.105 AU)
June 23
The concept of Polarity is deep and thought provoking. Sure, can’t have an up without a down- what’s a good without a bad? Masculine and feminine? Day and night? Chocolate and peanut butter? NASCAR and Tai-chi?? Congress and the People? Polarity brings definition amongst opposites. One thing about Astrological symbolism I love is that it makes room for, nay, couldn’t exist without, Polarity. The Midheaven and the IC. The Ascendant and Descendant. These define and contextualize our life. Our engagement with people we don’t know and our engagement with those who know us the best. Our enlightenedly selfish needs and the needs of others. Light and Dark matter bringing vibration to form. So what polarities in us are in need of integration? Our crimes and our gifts? Our dreams and our ‘reality’? Our fear and our courage? Our desire and our allowing? Our intention and our action? If we can inject words like non-judgment, objectivity, good humor, and compassion into our apparent opposites we can see that they each are somehow connected with the other. Our love of self attracts others to support or challenge that. Our inner work feeds our outer work. Our dreams give us clues as to the best reality to engage in. Our intentions feed our actions. So today, or this year if it’s your birthday, love it all, be open to the change and the flow, compromise where we must, and integrate it all. That’s one aspect, I’m learning, this human thing may be about.
The gardening calendar says to fix something
The space calendar shows Asteroid 4330 Vivaldi Closest Approach to Earth (1.290 AU)
June 24
Today, or this year if it’s your birthday, I am recalling the words of The Rev. A.J. Muste who said, “There is no way to peace, peace is the way.” Which, as I am understanding it, means that every inhalation, every exhalation, every step and smile and handshake, every recalled wound and ancient ache, every word, every thought, every deed and transaction and interaction and reaction and action taken must carry with it the intention of peace. So raise your hand if that’s the easiest thing in the world. No. We’ve been burned or at least have seen fire. We know the ache and pain of this world all too well if we open to it. We’ve seen selfishness and greed and power destroy happiness year after year in every country and every village. We’ve seen suffering and heartache so in every moment our task MUST be to anchor peace. Diplomacy. Justice. Liberty. Fairness. Every step. With every breath. In every way we possibly can. And that is how the world changes; one breath at a time. Ahhh.
The gardening calendar says to plant flowers
The space calendar shows Mercury At Its Greatest Western Elongation (22 Degrees)
June 25
Mars is the Warrior. Hunting for food or water or shelter or confidence or money or security or knowledge or happiness or wisdom or companionship or power or truth or connection or spirit Mars is still that place where our energy extends TOWARD. (As opposed to Venus’s energy of attraction energy to IT). We all have this within us. It is the archetype of courage, passion, engagement, and action. MISdirected this energy can motivated by fear. Consciously this is healed with courage. So within Mars, the masculine archetype, we have the every raging battle between courage and fear. Endless. Relentless. Every moment a choice. This power within is now reflecting through the lens of Cancer. The heart. Our healing and nurturing. The care we offer and the care we must offer ourselves. So Mars then asks, CAN we find the courage to not only go OURSELVES to our deepest and most sacred place, our heart, but to let OTHERS access that place as well. Whom do we trust? Can we have the courage to allow those whom we love to empower us at the next deeper level? And can we strengthen ourselves at the soul-level to trust OUR OWN heart, whatever it may be saying? Contemplate that these days, or this year if it’s your birthday.
The gardening calendar says to plant flowers
The space calendar shows the Bootid meteor shower happening now till July 2
June 26
“Let it flow… let yourself go… slow and low… that is the tempo….,” professed music legends, The Beastie Boys off of their “Licensed to Ill” album. And so is this day, or this year if it’s your birthday. But, of course as is often the case in life and in astrology is that there is a trick, catch, caveat, opportunity, possibility, and otherwise backdoor to the successful application and thusly, reward, of the aforementioned quote. In order to allow the flow and let it all go all slow and low tempo one must first remove as many obstructions TO said flow as possible. Sure, just flow around it, but that thought in a narrow stream bed can create lots of turbulence and dam up pretty quickly. So we stop. We get outta the canoe. We roll the boulder over that our canoe would have otherwise crashed upon and continue on the flow of our journey. IF we do this often enough we become a pro! Then there’s nothing we can’t handle, especially if it’s your birthday, because we’re mastering the patience and fortitude we need to git’ er’ done.
The gardening calendar says to turn the compost or transplant
The space calendar the Bootid meteor shower happening now till July 2

A delightful evening for a party, or year if it’s your birthday. So what is it that we shall be celebrating? Will our cheers be for our, or our teams continued glory or is there something deeper? I’m sensing this deep need to align with our truths be they deep and powerful and/or challenging to look at and uncomfortable to admit. But that’s what we’re going for these days, right, honest and intense connections? So as the Moon, the heartbeat. The pulse, the tone, and the intuition continues to course through Scorpio today, let’s keep it real, feel what we must, and fear not facing any shadows which may arise. They are simply asking for healing. They are simply wanting to learn how to dance because it looks like so much fun they just wanna be happy too! So like ripping wrapping paper off of a birthday present joy is there to the degree we engage in it whole heartedly. So do that. Rip the old coverings off of our joy and if nothing else offer an intention to the Ethers wherein it is acknowledged that we ALL deserve happiness and the abundant gifts of Nature.
The gardening calendar says to turn the compost
The space calendar shows Asteroid 4581 Asclepius Closest Approach to Earth (0.362 AU)
June 28
Over the next few days a trigger planet, Venus, will trine Uranus in Aries as she conjoins Jupiter in Leo. The magic and abundance and joy and change and alignment and gratitude and sustainance and fun and celebration and wonder and heart felt radiance and magnificence and glory are available to us if only for one little bitty astro detail. A detail which, if used consciously, could almost litterally help make our dreams come true. And, if it is used unconsciously, could slip through our fingers like the ice cream cone on a hot day while we’re distracted on our cell phone listening to someones completely unnecessary drama. She knows what to do…. She’s said it over and over…What’s she waiting for? What’s she scared of? Face it. Deal with it. Speak up or look them in the eye or something to empower yourself, sheesh! And there goes the yumminess, leaked from a hole in the bottom. So engage today, or this year if it’s your birthday. Engage the release of drama by only engaging in it consciously and lovingly wherein only the highest good for all concerned is present. Then after mustering our courage and saying the tough words it all lightens up and we say “Wow, I did it”. And we come together a little more lovingly and with greater depth and trust.
The gardening calendar says to fertilize with bat guano.
The space calendar shows the Bootid meteor shower hoppening now till july 2


June 29
If you can see the Stars this evening, that’s Venus and Jupiter coming into conjunction in the western sky after sunset. Venus is the brightest and Jupiter the second brightest objects, besides the Moon of course, in the night sky. Think about that. Venus, the Goddess of Love, harmony, balance, and peace is the brightest. As an inner planet 26 to 162 million miles away from us she represents how we relate, what kind of relationships are best for us, and what we need to simply help us feel good. Jupiter, king of the Gods, is second brightest to the Goddess Venus but, hey, for an outer planet 365 million miles away from us to be seen so vividly is a magnificent feat! Jupiter reflects our bigger mission, our grand vision, our hope, optimism, and code of ethics which steer us. When they come together there is a fusion of their archetypology. Big happy relationships. Hope in getting what we desire. Someone helping us attain our goals. Not understimating how much we’re loved. A little sign that it’s gunna be ok. Aren’t we all ready for a little boost? So today, of this year if it’s your birthday, be open to the good. Be open to the blessings. Call on the Serotonin Angels to increase their output. Or just stop for one cotton’ pickin’ minute and count your blessings. My guess is that there are more there than we realize.
The gardening calendar says to go on a hike instead.
The space calendar shows the Bootid meteor shower hoppening now till july 2
June 30
SINCE you got up so early, astrologically speaking with an early morning moon- mercury opposition, it’s best to put that energy into something magical. That’s right. This morning buy your lottery ticket and remember your ol’ Astro-buddy Ry who recommended you get it. Yah, let it feel like that. Let it feel like anything is possible today, or this year if it’s your birthday. And, quite frankly, any project, idea, action, decision, or endeavor initiated this morning will carry a tone of magic, celebration, possibility, and expansion. Of course, as with any Fire Trine, we must be careful for taking it a bit too far. Wisdom is key. Don’t bet the house if you’ve already made a hundred grand kinda thing. This day is really quite important. Being right before a Full Moon we have an opportunity to really show what we’re made of, ask for and get the help we need, and foment the vision we’ve been working on for weeks or months or years. Faith cancels fear. Courage, self love, and a willingness to expand beyond what we know will open new doors. Hold onto this faith and courage for we will need all of our wits about us in a week or 2. As the themes of tomorrows full moon percolate up in our dreams tonight, let’s ask them to show us what we need to see.
The gardening calendar says to mow.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 3361 Orpheus Closest Approach To Earth (1.373 AU)
July 1
Mars entered Cancer a few days ago so as the Capricorn moon comes to oppose it and the Sun for today’s Full Moon, I think we’re ready to see a few things in their full light. Mama bear=Mars in Cancer. Mars represents our will and courage. Signs say HOW those archetypes need to express and how best to apply them. Signs indicate a situational training ground where we learn, in this case, our will and courage. Cancer is the training ground of home, hearth, heart, and psychological and relational happiness, security, and comfort, and trust. So for the next 5 weeks or so we are being asked to have the courage and strength and will and self-love and personal power to engage in the truth of our more subtle, interior, sensitive, and feeling realms. We are to find the courage to explore our heart and home and see who else is there with us. I mean, really with us. So we come to this Full Capricorn Moon and know that the wisdom of this Cycle is about seeing reality clearly for what it is as opposed to what we wish for it to be, especially if it’s your birthday. So we grow up a little bit. We do our hard work honestly. We are clear with what we are feeling and don’t allow ourselves to digress into unconsciousness anger and fear. We become wise with our power and know that the truest and most unassailable power comes from the heart.
The gardening calendar says to transplant
The space calendar shows Venus Passes 0.4 Degrees from Jupiter
July 2
Full Moons pull. They pull the tides. They pull the plants. They pull on our feelings. Yesterday’s Full Capricorn Moon is still pulling at our need for solidity, strength, wisdom, and integrity. So this morning, or this year if it’s your birthday, as the Moon shakes hands with the Lord of the Unconscious realms, Pluto, Let’s USE that solidity, strength, wisdom, and integrity to deal with those things which we would rather not. What I’m learning about Pluto, this tiny rock out guarding a bunch of other tiny rocks at the edge of the solar system, is that what it is gate keeping is the entirety of information about everything that has ever occurred with anyone since the dawn of civilization. It’s like, all of this debris beyond Neptune is everything we’ve stuffed, shunned, ignored, or otherwise discarded as junk. We want to forget about the pain or the desire. But Pluto knows. Pluto doesn’t care about good and bad. Both can easily be found with him. What he cares about is acknowledgement. He want to see us whole. He wants to see us live a rich and total existence where ya “take the good ya take the bad ya take them both and there ya have the facts of life”. And in those “facts” there is healing. There is redemption and transformation and resurrection. So. Where in our lives are we ready to say, “I’ve had enough? I’m ready to heal this old stuff I’ve been ignoring once and for all!” And we humbly submit to our transformation and so the world turns.
The gardening calendar says to transplant
The space calendar shows Asteroid 2791 Paradise Closest Approach to Earth (1.797 AU)
July 3
I have this feeling that today, or this year if it’s your birthday, can unlock some sort of mental entanglement we been obfuscated by for the past month or so. I usually don’t like to be so assumptive, but is there something you’ve been wrestling with in your mind lately. Confused and confounded by an apparently solutionless problem? There seems to be, over the next couple days even, a window of opportunity wherein if we can catch the clue, follow our nose or the white rabbit, certain beautiful things could reveal themselves. Just to keep it real, there are intensities afoot as well. Sometimes we see (or say) things we wish we hadn’t. Sometimes we’re triggered. Sometimes we’re distracted. But a possible lesson of the day is how to see clearly. By releasing our judgments and preconceptions those clues and omens can be more audible or apparent. Then we follow them. And we get a little closer to an answer or at least we gather a little more information. And we take that and add it to our Bat-Utility Belt and can access it at any time we need a grappling hook or smoke screen or ninja star. But know that this requires authenticity. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do and let people think what they will. And soon, our new beautiful life unfolds.
The gardening calendar says to till
The space calendar shows Asteroid 3130 Hillary Closest Approach to Earth (1.280 AU)
July 4
Henry David Thoreau took up residency in his now famous cabin on Walden Pond in Concord, MA on this date in 1845. While he died with only a few hundred copies of Walden sold, rejected by his love interest, and lungs full of tuberculosis, what he wrote has thusly influenced millions of people. So when we speak of independence and our ability to consciously direct our own lives in the way we see fit, we may not always know what effect we’ll have down the line. Like a butterfly’s wing beating and the ripple of air from it gathering more and more energy from other winds eventually creating a tornado across the world. Sometimes life is like that. Sometimes we may just simply be doing our thing but in ACTUALITY we are anchoring genius revolutionary ideas into the world.SO today, or this year if it’s your birthday, comprehend this unique magical part of you that not many people can understand and let that fuel you to become even more of who you know yourself to be and perhaps out Personal Independence can be a revolution or choice or changed direction. Declare that for yourself today. Declare your independence. Declare that it’s ok to be free to be you and me
The gardening calendar says to cultivate.
The space calendar shows Comet C/2012 F3 (PANSTARRS) Closest Approach to Earth (2.564 AU
July 5
Ears still ringing from fireworks we awaken to the reality that the celebration is over and we must clean up the mess. But that’s life, right? Expansion, contraction, breathe in, breathe out. And after a moment of awareness and consideration at our Life’s Great Work, we choose to have compassion for ourselves, and others too, especially if it’s your birthday. There is so much in this world we don’t understand. Why is there challenge? Why must we endure hardship? When will the work end? But in reality, it almost doesn’t matter as long as we are awake and present for it and its eventual lessons and gifts. When we can engage our life with this lens of compassion, we can more easily forgive others. We can see that all anyone wants is to be happy, even though, unfortunately, some have a lousy inconsiderate and unevolved way of attaining that happiness. So we, societally, must relearn what happiness is. So my hope for this day is that we each access some part of our heart and find the strength to release any of the old gunk- anything bogging us down and making us heavy hearted. Watch a comedy tonight or an inspirational drama. Inject some light and thus buoyancy to your heart this day. See how we are all related. See how we are each unique and deserving of respect and in that find our collective Unity.
The gardening calendar says transplant this afternoon and evening.
The space calendar shows the moon at perigee.
July 6
This day is not for the squeamish or the faint of heart. This day is not for those prone to paralyzing in the face of fear nor for those who so easily can fall to shame and obsession and vengeance. This day is for those brave enough to observe our fears and shames and obsessions and shadow thoughts and let them arise without judgment in order to release them, especially if it’s your birthday. This day is for illuminating our shadows, seeing that which we would rather not, and comprehending that there really is a place beyond good and evil. There is a place of evolution. Where we see and experience and taste the totality of a whole human life. Shadow circumstance can arise, and we have no choice but to learn and humbly integrate the best possible lesson or gift that we can from the experience. Well, I guess there is a choice. We CAN choose to not learn. We can choose to hide and suppress our emotions. We can stuff our fear and put on a happy face until the cauldron of unprocessed fear, sorrow, and rage explodes like a geyser- usually at our least favorable time. So we do ourselves and everyone we love a favor and we dance with our shadows. Perhaps serve them a nice breakfast. Ask them what they need to say. Listen. Then set them free.
The gardening calendar says to transplant.
The space calendar shows Earth At Aphelion (1.017 AU From Sun)
July 7
Ok. Relax and breathe. There is a ring of fire we may have passed through upon awakening. It is a clarion call to cut out the superfluous and extraneous and get super ultra-extra uber real with what it is we really want and who the heck we think we are. There is an energetic increase in the fire element the next few days with suggestions from the Earth elements to GROUND all of that energy, especially if it’s your birthday. There are strange and elusive energies dancing in the ethers as well. They are hard to pin down and accurately describe. Like trickster zephyrs knocking the hat off our heads only to have us bonk our noggin on a tree branch as we retrieve it, we are being asked to, well, be good humored about it all and take ourselves and our predicaments and dramas as lightly and forgiving as possible. We wanna scream at the wind and the tree but they are benign and innocent. Like the tree is going to Nerf-ify itself just to soften a humans carelessness! The wind will blow. So we say ow, rub our heads, and laugh at the slapsticky laurel and hardiness of life. So with all of this fire, let’s use it to burn away our obstructions to our joys no matter what befalls us.
The gardening calendar says to till.
The space calendar shows Dwarf Planet 134340 Pluto At Opposition (31.888 AU)
July 8
There are all sorts of little tricks and codes and sentence structures in Astrology. One fun description of energies and human life is called Mutual Reception. Signs have planetary rulers- planets which are most resonant with the themes of the signs. Saturn rules Capricorn. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio (along with Mars). Mutual reception is what we say, then, when Saturn is in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio and Pluto is in Saturn’s sign, Capricorn. (Which they are and have been for the last 2+ years, more or less) When planets are in mutual reception there is a subtle thread of communication happening between them. Pluto is being all Saturnine and Saturn is being all Plutonian. Translation for us: The hardest and best course of action to take these days, basically until the end of October, and all year if it’s your birthday, is to do the grown up work (Saturn and Capricorn) of healing our wounds (Pluto and Scorpio). I have this “now or never” kinda suggestion I need to make to us for the rest of the summer. Be it good genuine relaxation and rejuvenation or some deep and dirty soul retrieval and resurrection, it’s time to get busy. This life is so sacred. Let’s remember what is REALLY important and do what we must to nourish and sustain it.
The gardening calendar says to till, cultivate, or mow.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 2015 MO89 Near-Earth Flyby (0.052 AU)
July 9
Yesterday Mercury entered Cancer. I speak it now for the Moon, or subconscious, upon awakening sings a harmonious note with him/her. Mercury is very simply how we see things. I wear corrective lenses. Without them, I could not read a stop sign while driving. So my glasses help me to see things more clearly. We ALL wear glasses each colored with a different shade, a different set of needs, looking for something based on 12 different motivations and desired lessons. So between now and July 23, or this year if it’s your birthday, let’s look through the lens of what our heart needs. Let’s allow all of the stimuli which enters us (or is expressed for that matter) through our senses to be filtered through a set of questions: Is this sustainable? Is this helpful or nurturing or caring? Does this feel safe? Is this leading to or supporting healing? Is this kind, soft, and gentle? And am I being overprotective? Yes, everything from the stop sign we see to the screaming mom in the grocery store we overhear to the argument we speak must be filtered through the heart. So if we are keen, then, we will begin to notice synchronicities leading us MORE toward our hearts, MORE toward our healing, and closer and deeper to those who can communicate in resonance with our more sensitive, feeling nature. We must not digress into excessive defensiveness for the idea is to heal the heart not build a fortress around it. It’s tricky, I know, but with a little practice we’ll be more able to see what we truly need and what is simply not helpful.
The gardening calendar says to transplant
The space calendar Moon Occults Uranus

July 11
Each and every one of us wants what we want. There is nothing wrong in preferring vanilla over strawberry. We get to have our preferences. Only chocolate can satisfy ones desire for chocolate. Why? Because chocolate just FEELS good. It’s BLEEPin’ CHOCOLATE, there is no why! Chocolate is GOD!- and that’s when we take it too far. So is happiness the satisfaction of our desires? What if one desires to rule the world, do THEY have the “right to pursue happiness”? To them it may be labeled legitimate. So do we get happier by cultivating simpler and fewer desires? CAN we reduce our chocolate cravings consciously? Perhaps that’s what today may teach us, or this year if it’s your birthday, that in order to have it all, all of the peace and satisfaction and yumminess and celebration, we must be willing to peel the layers of our hurts and our fears through conscious diligent effort and focus. I deserve financial security! What part of me may be keeping it from me? I deserve happiness, how can I cultivate it? And we simplify our life a little and be grateful for the abundance we DO have and then feel abundant and the abundance then flows. Kinda like that.
The gardening calendar says to transplant
The space calendar shows Asteroid 12818 Tomhanks Closest Approach To Earth (1.567 AU)
July 12
Sometimes things simply don’t make sense. A situation occurs, an event, a word, a lost friend, a rude look, a phone ringing when we are in the bathtub…. Why? Days…months…. Years pass and still we wonder, “Was there something I was to have learned through this? Was there some character building I was to benefit from?” And…nothing. No reply. No word or clue or hint or subtlety provided. Then… out of nowhere, one day, we get it. It makes sense. “I was to learn something. I was to heal something. I was to offer something.” SO today, or this year if it’s your birthday, let’s remember that things sometimes just don’t make sense and we don’t always need to know the answer in this moment now. Sometimes letting go of our attachment to knowing opens us up for the knowing to come to us. But knowing often takes its own sweet time. Sometimes Knowing wants to make sure were ready to fully integrate the lesson or the gift. So allow peace of mind to rule the day. Allow conscious, open, objective viewing of all of life’s experiences to be the theme no matter what.
The gardening calendar says to prune
The space calendar shows Comet P/1999 J6 (SOHO) At Opposition (0.880 AU)
July 13
The Moon she is waning through Gemini today, or this year if it is your birthday. When the Moon comes to the end of her cycle,( She is New again Wednesday evening around sunset), it is in our best interest to release our hold- our worries, our regrets, our sadnesses, even our accomplishments and successes, on whatever the last few weeks represented to us. Perhaps we’ve been struggling, or confused, or juggling 100 balls. Maybe, conversely, we’ve conquered fears, proven to ourselves what we’re capable of, or found renewed faith in Humanity. Whether we’ve been mad or glad we are being asked today to understand, integrate, and observe that which has been in order to make way for what may yet be. It’s like today we are standing between our past and future and we can’t necessarily hold onto either. We have to move forward so we must let go of the past but the future has so many variables that there’s nothing solid to latch onto there, either. So we must balance. We must still our minds in the face of polarity. We must stay open and alert and clear and non-judgmental so that the “right” cord of the future can find us. So we hold out our hand and patiently await the future which simply feels right. More tomorrow.
The gardening calendar says to mow, prune, or till.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 16682 Donati Closest Approach To Earth (1.337 AU)
July 14
(I’m pulling out the stops for the next couple days, fair warning.) The most Sacred part of our being is the Heart. Our Love. It is the greatest feeling, experience, asset, and purpose to our existence. Our heart is so Sacred we have this sternum to protect it. Now imagine, what if all of the war and greed and malice and hatred and bigotry and corruption and exploitation and subjugation and (insert any shadow experience here) was the Human Heart mislead, mistreated, misunderstood, mistaken, misused and disempowered by another’s heart that was misled, mistreated, misunderstood, mistaken, misused and disempowered by another’s Heart that was misled, mistreated, misunderstood, mistaken, misused and disempowered? It’s still the Human Heart, right? So how do we as a society, as individuals, as families, as a community, as a country, and as a planet heal the Human Heart? We all want to love and be loved even those who have been misled, mistreated, misunderstood, mistaken, misused and disempowered. Our job now, especially if it’s your birthday is to heal that Heart as a society, as individuals, as families, as a community, and as a country with as much compassion, forgiveness, humor, gratitude, generosity, and empathy as possible as often as remembered wherever… whenever…. whomever.
The gardening calendar says to transplant or fertilize.
The space calendar shows New Horizons, Pluto Flyby
July 15
Yes, let it come up. Notice every way we have as a society, as individuals, as families, as a community, as a country, and as a planet shielded our Hearts as protection against assault. Let’s notice how any EXCESSIVE shielding has actually PREVENTED love from entering or leaving that space. Let’s take this day, or this year if it’s your birthday, to find, or set an intention to find, the courage to RECLAIM our right to happiness, love, joy, and connection. What’s it gunna take? How long until we look at ALL of the peoples of this world in the eye and say, “Haven’t we all had enough with all of that which is ….excrementitious?” Let’s focus now on the fact that there are wonderful people doing magnificent things. There is love and light being spread around at ever increasing velocities. So to compost the excrement let’s empower ourselves with the pitchfork of compassion. Love, forgiveness, generosity…. Let’s heal whatever wounds have triggered our excessive shielding. I know it’s scary. And I’m not saying to remove ones sternum! Let’s observe where our fears are and transform them into the courage and the power to act from one’s Heart.
The gardening calendar says to do a little gardening for the healing in it.
The space calendar shows a new moon at 8:24 pm CDT
July 16
AFTER the deep soul searching of the past couple days we’re ready for a new adventure. Perhaps we’ve uncovered a truth about ourselves and a joy or happiness we are ready to allow to anchor in our lives. Perhaps we’ve finally had enough with seeing the pain and are ready to see the joy. Perhaps we’re even ready enough to move beYOND the pleasure and pain to the conscious field of integration! And in that place, it seems, there is a piece of us which we offer to the world in joyous celebration. Let’s imagine that today, or this year if it’s your birthday. Let’s celebrate our continued journey of endeepening our soul, our heart with offering, or, paying forward, our gifts. Perhaps our gift is kindness and we share the cash or open the door. Perhaps our gift is adventure and we guide an expedition. Perhaps our gift is art and we dance on the street corner and a passing drivers smile. Whatever our joy is, bring it to the world. And if we can’t, for some reason, access that place we must first imagine that it is at least possible.
The gardening calendar says to visit some new flowers.
The space calendar shows Mercury Passes 0.1 Degrees from Mars
July 17
One of the ongoing themes these days, or this year if it’s your birthday is building Love. This theme is showing up in the 90 degree angular dance between Venus and Saturn. Saturn, the Archetype which houses that word, building, is retrograding until Aug 2nd and leaving Scorpio on Sep 17 Venus, the Archetype of our affections, our peace, and our yumminess moves into Virgo tomorrow evening but stations retrograde on July 25th and moves BACK into Leo, goes direct on sept 7 and enters Virgo again on October 9 when she again squares Saturn (but in Mutable signs). This is a fixed square. This is about building something solid. Yes it takes work. Yes there are limitations to acknowledge. Yes it is all worth it. It’s when we fall into despair thinking that-“it’s just so hard how is it ever gunna work or get better?”- that we make it even HARDER for ourselves. So we do ourselves a favor and acknowledge our personal truths and yumminesses and do the work of clearing out whatever may be keeping them from us and/or then working to solidify, concretize, and foment that joy into something sustainable, joyful, and worth every drop of sweat we put into it.
The gardening calendar says to prune to encourage growth.
The space calendar says Asteroid 23990 Springsteen Closest Approach To Earth (1.173 AU)
July 18
The evolution from Leo to Virgo is a subtle alchemical extension from vision to implementation. It is the growth of the acknowledgement of our creation to making that expression useful and helpful. After we find our joy, we use it to serve others. After the party, it’s time to clean up. So Venus, she who rules the principle of attracting to us our preferences, moves into Virgo today, the sign of Conscious Growth. Theoretically we’ve been finding friends who can see our true self and attracting to us, in vision, creation, or celebration, that which we desire. We enter into relationship with those whom are trustworthy and able to hold our self as sacred and special. We then can assist each other, our lovers, friends, and allies in perfecting that self, as best as humanly possible, of course. So take the next couple weeks to consider what is worth investing in. Where is our sacred energy and expression best used and how best can we serve with those gifts. What? Some of us don’t KNOW what our true joy and expression is? Don’t know WHERE our ‘people’ are? Well, Venus’ retrograde in a week should help with that.
The gardening calendar says to have fun with whatever ya need to do.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 193 Ambrosia Closest Approach To Earth (2.118 AU)
July 19
Ok. This is good this is integration. There’s a choice we have. It seems like it’s a nice mix of perception and action. We can argue with the growing weeds in the tomato patch or we can pull them. Ahh. What joy it is when the weeds are pulled! We can see more clearly that which we are cultivating. These are the days, or the year if it’s your birthday, of anchoring the Vision by doing the necessary work. We can also call this energy, “Getting ‘er dun”. Sure, it’s not the sexiest of morning suggestions but wait, think about it. There is NOTHING sexy about sitting in panic, looking only at what’s wrong with the world, seeing only the broken, the tattered, and the chore. So instead of just noticing we choose action. That’s what today’s about, making the choice to act. So then we clean the car or the bedroom and VOILA! The bedroom is clean. Now, I don’t know about you but having my surroundings in order is much more attractive than them disheveled. So the next time someone disses Virgo, where the moon is now, and claims that Virgo energy is… static or boring, remind them the of the sexiness factor which occurs when the job is COMPLETE and the loose ends are tied. The freedom and peace which can come from it is about as close to perfection as we humans can get.
The gardening calendar says to fix something
The space calendar shows the Moon occults Venus
July 20

So think back to a few days ago, especially if it’s your birthday. Was there a thought or an intention set like a seed and laid in the ground? Something about that secure sacred place called our inner self, our heart, our core was that intention… something about roots and family, home and hearth….. something that felt good and nourishing and jolly… Perhaps it was just a passing moment …. A dream perchance? Was there an “ive had enough with the….(x).. and am ready for what feeds me AND receives my love….” Or maybe an, “I’m ready, so ready, to feel what I need to feel in order to heal what needs to be healed and in that place that moment ssomething awoke in us in the dark … something beautiful and nutrative and healing….. let it in today… let it heal you…. It’s ok to be aware of what DOESN’T work, that ability exists in order to bring about into reality that which DOES work…. So what works for our heart? What do we need to do to heal it appropriately? What vitamins and herbs are meaningful to our body and what is not? So we sift away the chaff from our wheat and reveal the nummy kernel and sanctify that and work it into a loaf and cook it just right and see who’s there to share the bounty with and know that it is good.
The gardening calendar says to stake the peas
The space calendar shows the asteroid pink floyd at it’s closest approach to earth
July 21
I was recently given the honor of hearing someone close to me say the word Lovely. Say it. Just saying the word Lovely invokes a peace …a calm… a thought remeiniscent of a simple timeless sunny Sunday with Victorian parasol and the bluebird of happiness singing gaily on a bouncing branch of a weeping willow next to the babbling brook…Lovely. Say it. Make it your day. Make it your year if it’s your birthday. Take time for a little loveliness. Act in a lovely manner. Move about space with grace. Imagine what it would be like to Disney Movify your life today. Snow white it and whistle while you work. Even if you are forlorn or depressed or anxious or enraged, calm down for one cotton pickin minute and see the beauty that pervades this earth. We all bought into this construct called the clock and we have let it control our live to the point where each minute must have the marrow sucked from it but nowhere in the clock equation is a moment of timelessness. Find that today. Just one, if you can. 1000 if you are so graced. But one timeless moment wherein we take a deep breath and look outside our drama and find something lovely. A smile, a butterfly, a kiss, or a bluebird. It’s here all around us if we only can stop to look.
The gardening calendar says to plant flowers
The space calendar shows South Delta-Aquarids Meteor Shower now through the 29th
July 22
So as the Sun and Mercury spend their last day in the Seasonal sign of Cancer, let’s review what we have learned: 1) The deeper we go the more ‘protection’ we need. It’s foolish, though, to go deep without being able to see. So whatever protection or shielding we use in our journey to the depths of our feelings, it’s best to leave a window or view port as well as plenty of oxygen to keep us breathing deep under water. 2) The deeper we go the more we need to trust. The more we trust the more vulnerable we are. The more vulnerable we are, the greater the desire to shield. The more shielding we have the less likely anyone will trust us. The more we remove the shielding the more trustworthy we become to others. The more we remove the shielding the more vulnerable we are to the hurt. ARRGH! WE MUST find the balance between protection and exposure. We must trust the trustworthy. We must BE trustworthy. Playing this game is one of our deepest lessons. 3) in order to LEARN this lesson we must be willing to sense, see, and listen with our heart. But, (insert above protection game). Our lesson through Cancer is to listen to the truth of our heart as we become conscious of the protections and shielding created by past wounds TO said heart. And 4) especially if it’s your birthday, when we CAN feel the truth of that place behind our sternum, what we experience is no less than the ripple of connection and love that flows from the UNIVERSE. We become a part of that Love and wish to nourish others with it. That can be the greatest gift we can possibly offer the world. Try it.
The gardening calendar says to plant flowers.
The space calendar shows South Delta-Aquarids Meteor Shower Peak on the 29th
July 23
Now that the Sun and Mercury have entered the season of Leo, let’s preview what we are to learn: 1) The Sun shines. Nothin you can do about it. Dig a deep hole and it’s neutrinos still penetrate the Earth. Something from the Sun is always penetrating us, feeding us, filling us with Life Force Energy, Chi, qi, Spirit, and many other names. So it is with us. We are each our own radiant Sun. We have no choice but to exist. Since we exist we radiate. SO, what is it that we choose to radiate? What is the Life Force within us which must find it’s expression? Find it. Give it a name. Art. Or Music. Or Love. Or Kids. Or service. Or Or Or…..2) SINCE we each have our own unique expression, and everyone we meet has THEIR own unique expression, respect for allowing others THEIR joyful expression is of utmost importance. It’s like a dance, taking turns leading or finding a beautiful balance with smiles on your faces. If your not smiling, quit dancing. 3) The second we IMPOSE our expression on another is the moment we call SUNBURN. Don’t do that. Others must CHOOSE to be in the Sun. Shine we must but to those who want it. We can’t MAKE anyone want it. SOOOOOOO…..4) It comes down to self love, acting nobilly, doing the right thing, and having as much joyful fun in the process.
The gardening calendar says to fertilize
The space calendar shows ceres at her closest approach to earth
July 24
It is a visceral almost physical feeling. “I know I forgot something! What is it?” It can gnaw on us like a dog to a beef bone. Arrgh, the tension, the agony….what is it????? So often the best thing to do is stop and just feel, especially if it’s your birthday. Here I am. What a pleasant day. Ahhh, the sonorous melody of the birds in the woods…. And in that quiet place, perhaps the answer comes. Or, if that proves unaffective, then we can take a more linear but imaginative approach: Where am I going? What will I be doing? How am I feeling? Where have I been? What’s my intention in all of this? Oh yes, I’m going to the store. Yes. I’m needing toilet paper, yes. My WALLET! AHA! Silly me! And we get in the car and drive back home. SO. We can do this a couple of ways. We can allow ourselves to be ruled by time and ruled by the boss or client we are late for and be ruled by our mortgage holder and bill collector and run home frantically narrowly missing a pedestrian and a stopsign and possibly create even MORE trouble for ourselves OR we can take this time to relax, reflect on life, identify some of the trees we pass, and listen to some good music. The fact remains we forgot our wallet and must return home if we want toilet paper. We NEED toilet paper. So drive safely and don’t let the clock or “The Man” rule your time.
The gardening calendar says to compost.
The space calendar says South Delta-Aquarids Meteor Shower Peak on the 29th
July 25
Ladies and Gentlemen… we’re all too familiar with the effects/reflections of a Retrograde Mercury. Yes, that can be a frustrating time because we sometimes have challenges with forward motion in commerce, communication, though, electronics, machines, schedules, and facts. But the wise of us know that in those times we review, rethink, revisit, repair, rework, and remember much that had been overlooked, put off, forgotten, neglected, or otherwise backburnered. Mercury is thought, perception, and speech. Now, Venus is retrograding today for 6 weeks. Venus is our relations, that which we like/desire/enjoy, and our ability to trust, say no that which we DON’T want, and our need for peace, calm, and restoration. So yes. You’re getting ahead of me…right, when a planet goes retrograde we simply imagine reviewing, rethinking, revisiting, repairing, reworking, and remembering all of those above themes. YAY relationship!- What in our relations must we repair? What have we overlooked? Did we leave yesterday’s wallet at our girlfriends house? Were we a jerk a couple of weeks ago and really need to apologize? And, most importantly, can we let go of the knife we’ve had in our back since our first painful break up at 14? Yah. That’s the real reason for all of this. Can we review ALL of our old relations so that we can be happily free for that which we will evolve into?
The gardening calendar says to compost or fertilize
The space calendar shows South Delta-Aquarids Meteor Shower Peak on the 29th
July 26
And onto the next adventure….. Saturn will be doing this again soon so let’s take a lesson from the Moon today because this is a bit of a larger theme stretching out into November. Let’s look at the evolutionary movement from Scorpio to Sag… Scorpio, ruling the water UNDER the Ocean, UNDER the Earth, and the Emotion BEHIND our fear and our passion, is where we do the deep soul wrenching work of making peace with our shadow. That ain’t easy. That takes judgement, brains, maturity, focus, and discipline- that’s what we are learning now, right, how to give form to that emotion and actively engage in “Life” as we traverse our “stuff”? But here’s the beauty: Scorpio is POWER. Raw, passionate, magical power. It can create or destroy. But after we have mastered the shadow we are in our power and when we are in our passion there is NOTHING that can stop us. SO then, with the magic wand we found in Scorpio, we are able to enthusiastically engage in something meaningful with Sag. Something hopeful. Optimistic. Something ethical and helpful. An enthusiasm we can share and teach to others. So as we travel the lunar waves of Sag today, or this year if it’s your birthday, let’s allow the magic and healing we are finding in Scorpio to be the Fuel for what may yet be our Magic Carpet Ride.
The gardening calendar says to prune or mow
The space calendar shows South Delta-Aquarids Meteor Shower Peak on the 29th
July 27
Uranus stationed retrograde yesterday. In a square to Mars. Now I don’t like event prediction and I don’t like to project fear onto an aspect because there’s ALWAYS some medicine there. Always. So I don’t know what’s happening in your life. (I barely know what’s happening in mine!) I don’t know your personal dramas or joys or challenges or victories but I DO know the Astro Symbols and that one was about the courage to be who we are and defend what we love. So now that the outer 3 planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde we are to take a really good look at our role in the grand continuum. We all have effects on society, on culture, on our workplace, on our families….. and most of the time we are completely UNAWARE of what those effects are. So these are the days, or the year if it’s your birthday is about looking deeply within in order to understand who we are in the Larger Scheme Of Things. Who is our true self and how can we bring him/her out more authentically? How does this self remember that it is part of a greater whole and how can we open to the transmissions from our higher, creative self? And what old crap passed down since the birth of civilization must we clear in order to let that radiant creative being shine? Yes. This is Good. These are the questions of the Days of our Lives. Answer truthfully.
The gardening calendar says to go on a hike instead.
The space calendar shows South Delta-Aquarids Meteor Shower Peak in 2 days
July 28
How many times have we sang along with Mick? Heck you’ve probably screamed it! You’ve probably screamed it as the last of the evening’s beer churned along chaotically at the bottom of the red plastic Solo cup. (The Beer was tense and fearing it’s expulsion by a tipsy friend swaying alongside of you.) YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT…BUT YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED! And the atmosphere is filled with red plastic solo cups raised in agreement with The Grand Philosophy of the Stones Who Roll. Over and over on every am and fm and xm station you’ve flipped through you’ve sang along… (Or maybe none of this has happened to you but you can imagine it, right?) You’ve chanted, shouted, and perhaps wept over the words. So. Right. Duh. We theoretically can’t always get what we want. And, theoretically, we always get what we need, they say. But I’m starting to wonder if part of the reason for the apparent truth of those statements are because we have chanted them over and over and over and over and over and over and over for the last 50 years. Soooooooooo today, and especially if it’s your birthday, lets engage in exploring our ‘scripts’, our ‘Rules and Codes 2015’, and the belief systems we have and make sure we are creating a future according to our real joys as opposed to our thinking we can’t always get what we want.
The gardening calendar says to delegate or work efficiently.
The space calendar shows South Delta-Aquarids Meteor Shower Peak tomorrow
July 29
A dear Friend of mine, is, among many other masterful things, a Rock Balancer. He has patiently developed the talent of finding the centerpoint of just about any rock and making it balance. He has a heart who finds its joy in the reward of the result of incredible patience. Sometimes minutes sometimes hours it takes to find the rock’s balance point but the art that he creates with balanced stone is nothing short of awe inspiring. So today, or this year if it’s your birthday be like Brother L. Take all of your heart and all of your power and all of your joy and focus and intention and truth and channel it into creating something solid, something miraculous, and something and something beautiful. Our pain wants to derail us. The places where we call ourselves victim have heard that song played over and over to the point of addiction. So today we notice our self-sabotage and allow the truth we have within to be shown in our actions we perform in the outer world. We call this integrity. It’s not easy because we often hurt or are scared but we can’t let that stop us from doing what we know we need to do or engaging in the realm we feel we must. So we patiently balance a rock today. And we step away, acknowledge its beauty, and take a picture for posterity.
The gardening calendar says to transplant
The space calendar shows South Delta-Aquarids Meteor Shower Peak
July 30
Tomorrow’s Full Aquarius moon is on the axis of expression. I am he as you are he and you are me and we are all together so we each have our own unique gift, right? Each and every one of us is, in my experience and observation, a little spark of Divine Light here to shine forth our particular brilliance into the world. And in that “World According to Ryan” sentence there arises the problem and the answer and the Problem again. We are here to shine into a world that has, since the dawn of civilization, done its best to quell, subdue, mitigate, subvert, suppress, contort, exploit, contain, or otherwise extinguish that light. Why? Power. Control. Fear. So those with new ways of doing things are often labeled and ostracized. Those with new ideas are ridiculed. Those who are different that status quo are judged. But no more, we must say. We are here to shine forth our own unique brand of Universal, or primordial, or eternal, or ancient, or divine light regardless of others projections. So shine we must, especially if it’s your birthday. But there’s another trick…a collective lesson perhaps. What happens when 6 billion people realize that they have the Power of the Conscious Universe within them? That’s A LOT of Sunlight! We’re gunna have to learn how to get along and blend and use our Unique power collectively to avoid anyone thinking they are the One King and Master of ALL. So in lies our challenges these days; how to shine our light for the truth it is AS we work together to make this world more beautiful.
The gardening calendar says to harvest.
The space calendar says to catch a falling star
July 31
I am so grateful for Virgo energy because it identifies what does not work. Virgo, a manifestation of Mercury energy, is about awareness. Mercury perceives. Virgo perceives disharmony, discord, mess, roadblocks, and incongruences with skillful mastery. Where would we be without her? We’d be all like, “Problem? What Problem?” when we realized there was no toilet paper. We’d simply suffer the consequences. In fact, ALL of life would be suffering. Nothing would get fixed! No work would get done! And, most importantly, no one would eat! (Virgo is the farm to table goddess). Life simply could not exist. Now. Take everything I said and apply it to relationship. Know that on Oct 8 we’ll get to comeback to all of that which you just imagined and master it. But today, or this year if it’s your birthday, as Venus-relationship et al) slips back into Leo, let’s review what is RIGHT about relationships, friends, and lovers. Let’s look for that part of our relations where we feel the truth of our Heart well received. And let’s open our hearts to those whom we feel could use a little of our light. It’s kinda the feeling of having plenty of money. We have thousands of dollars to play with. Imagine rolls of hundred dollar bills in your pocket. You’re going to a community event wearing a mask (to remove ego from the equation) and you go hand EVERYONE there a hundred bucks. Imagine how good that feels. All of those smiles, all of the gratitude, all of the applause and celebration….all without it being about YOU but with it being about sharing joy. So in preperation for the REAL work starting in Oct, let’s remember our joy, our light, and our celebration and spread it around a little so that when the work comes back it’s simple, easy, and light.
The gardening calendar says to mow
The space calendar shows Alpha Capricornids Meteor Shower Peaking tomorrow
Saturn stations (a stopping of its apparent backward motion) today after being retrograde since March. Since then we have been, astrologically speaking, doing some intensely challenging inner work (we ALWAYS are but this has been a doozie, huh?). So what are we learning with Saturn these days, especially if it’s your birthday? Perhaps we are finding our personal power or our confidence. Perhaps our work is to see and listen more clearly. Maybe we are finding ancient causes for our hurt or are getting real with where we put our energy. Maybe we are takin control of our health or giving form to our relations. Maybe we are realizing just how powerful we are or perhaps a little closer to some “meaning of Life”. Perhaps we’re finding our place in the world or in a specific group. Or maybe we’re learning how to cut our losses and be still in the tornado. Whatever it is we are learning we are now ready to integrate and move forward in our mastery of our lessons, especially if it’s your birthday. Saturn is finishing up it’s once every 28 year journey through Scorpio this autumn so if we do this right, mastering these challenges, we can spend the next 3 years working on our truth and freedom.
The gardening calendar says to mow or prune
The space calendar shows Alpha Capricornids Meteor Shower Peak

Aug 3
So what is it you truly want? What is it you truly need? And How, pray tell, do you plan on achieving that? Well, dream about that today, or this year if it’s your birthday. The time for action could come as early as the afternoon so take the first part of the day to finish up old stuff and/ or be quiet and still enough to let the vision come to you. So let’s explore that, allowing the vision to come. First we must have a desire for inspiration. We must DESIRE a vision. We don’t have to know what it is. We don’t even have to, contrary to popular opinion, know what it is we want the vision to be. We may be completely incognizant about our path, direction, or purpose. Perfect. So we ask for the vision, the inspiration, to show us the way. We then must humble, I mean REALLY humble. If we are asking for a vision it means we don’t have it. That it doesn’t currently exist in our personal field but from somewhere in the larger collective field. Thinking WE have it within will keep the vision away like a shy child when company comes over. We then must be patient and open. Frustration keeps it away. Then, miraculously, one day, one way, the vision slaps us on the face like a wet noodle and we get motivated to act. So allow the vision to come by not pursuing it. Be the river and resist not the obstructions but flow around them. Be calm. Laugh. Visions love laughter. Do more of that and then perhaps the wants and needs may not be as far away as we think.
The gardening calendar says to transplant this am and cultivate tonight.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 2015 NZ13 Near-Earth Flyby (0.088 AU)

Apr 13

If I look liberally at the astrology of these days, meaning, using wide orbs between aspects, the planets Jupiter and Uranus are in a trine relationship until the end of July. What this translates to archetypally and what it means to you is the following. Imagine Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, and faith. Bet on snake eyes, roll the dice, come up with 2 ones, feel Jupiter. Now, imagine Uranus. It rolls instead of spins, it was discovered between the French and American revolutions, and reflects our authentic genius, our insight and invention, and where we ‘break the mold’. Now, have them meet and converse and dream and scheme at a cocktail party. Jupiter loves Uranus’ insight and Uranus loves being supported and encouraged by ‘the King of the Gods’. What do they talk about? Jupiter has the investment capital, Uranus has the million dollar revolutionary idea. SO today, or this year if it’s your birthday, begin to imagine YOUR faith and YOUR genius working together. Imagine what miracles can occur with some optimism and some ingenuity. By this summer, we just may see some miraculous inventions, joyous revolutions, and unusual explorations at least occur within us or in society. Prepare yourself and start dreaming and scheming.
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The space calendar shows Asteroid 1143 Odysseus Closest Approach to Earth (4.331 AU)

Apr 12
Eris, a Kuiper belt object slightly larger than Pluto, represents a primal desire to survive. But more than that, Eris asks, who or what is the ‘you’ you are protecting? Eris looks at the woundedness surrounding our survival instinct and asks us to find our authentic power regarding our deepest truths of being. We all were born with her in Aries, she moves so slowly, but she shows up in different houses and with different aspects for all of us. Where she shows up highlights our innate desire for truth, authenticity, and power coupled with an instinctual competitiveness towards anything which may possibly try to restrict our truth and power. So as the Sun highlights Eris’ themes today, or this year if it’s your birthday, let’s see where in our lives we must stand true in our power and fight off anything which seeks to lessen it. Eris was originally named Xena. That’s right. The queen who becomes a commoner and fights “The Man” in protection of the innocent and less fortunate. Where in your life must you stand strong and rage against assailing forces which seek to squash you? Some must fight in their career, others in their beliefs that this world has meaning, others in simply being able to trust. Regardless, use this day to access your ultimate truth and fight the good fight to protect it.
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The space calendar shows Dwarf Planet 136108 Haumea At Opposition (49.831 AU)

Apr 10
As Venus spends her last day in Taurus for a year let’s review what we have learned, especially if it’s your birthday: 1) it’s ok to calm down, enjoy a meal, smell the roses, and breathe. Our bodies need rest. They also need to feel safe and cozy like the knowledge of a well-stocked wood pile. As we hold those intentions we have an easier time of attracting them. 2) We need people in our lives who smell right. We all have so much intensity in our lives that sometimes we need friends who help us to calm down. If we instinctually gravitate toward those friends we often have better self-esteem. And 3) to enjoy. We are animals. We have senses and can experience pleasure and comfort and delicious food and lovin’ and friendship. Staying stuck in one place can limit our joy and experience. It’s always good to remember that there are many flowers to smell. So as Venus moves into Gemini tomorrow, we’ll have about a month to smell as many as possible.
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The space calendar shows Comet P/2010 P4 (WISE) At Opposition (4.086 AU)

Apr 9
Yes, I am a dreamer and an idealist. Both have benefits and liabilities. Yet, this life MUST have meaning for me in order to inspire my growth, forward momentum, and joy. Ultimately, I make it up as I go. I find my inspiration in the magic and love and synchronicities in my life but when it comes right down to it, really right down to it, we have only theory as to why we’re here, where we came from, and where we’re going. There’s some really workable theories out there! I love the ever changing discoveries of physics and the ever expanding understanding of the archetypally reflected planetary movements through the seasons. I love intelligent conversation and friends and family….Nature, flowers, the Ocean. What inspires you? What do you Love? What makes this life worth living? Regardless of where or when or how or why we’re here can we be here happily? Let’s look for and be open to that meaning, especially if it’s your birthday. Let’s use that joyful meaning to motivate ourselves to choose to direct our lives in the most beautiful way we can imagine it starting now, where we are, with whatever we have.
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The space calendar shows Asteroid 9618 Johncleese Closest Approach To Earth (1.653 AU)

Apr 8
One thing you may have been feeling in your life is the archetypal representation of Jupiter’s relative retrograde motion since Dec 9th. Jupiter. King of the gods. What rules you? What truths, beliefs, moral, codes, and laws dictate your life? Notice how they steer you in the direction of a mission or ideal, perhaps a career or at least a motivating operative behind a chosen profession? Jupiter. So big it wanted to be a star. What in you inspires you to grow and change and evolve? What makes you want to learn more and expand your horizons? What, in you, inspires faith? Perhaps we have asked these questions of ourselves this winter. Perhaps we’re now ready to admit to ourselves where we may have cut ourselves short of our vision? Perhaps we’ve just been waiting for the right time to move ahead, take the leap, and have some confidence that what we have to offer the world is worthy and genuine. So today, or this year if it’s your birthday, see your life for the beauty and meaning it does have. Find the faith to engage whole heartedly in this crazy realm of Change, and know that if we stay in that Heart, we have unlimited capacity for joy.
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The space calendar shows Mercury Passes 0.5 Degrees from Uranus

Apr 7
So now we begin to disentangle ourselves from our outdated old creations. The dream we imagined at the Mar 20 eclipse may have found a tether in one form or another. Sometimes our dreams manifest more glorious than anything we could have imagined and sometimes they morph or alter or fragment. Sometimes one piece of the seed flecks off and finds a mountain crevasse instead of the meadow it was searching for. IF that has ever happened, we must make our peace with it. We must sometimes let go of an illusory desire or goal to make way for one that works more efficiently and effectively. So we do what we can, choose to place our energy where it can be most useful, and let go of things and attitudes which no longer feed our souls, especially if it’s your birthday. This is about being aware of which systems and structures and rules and programs in our personal, social, economic, political, and collective lives are most in need of revision, overhaul, transformation, transmutation, obliteration, and good ol’ fashioned Love and healing. Can keep our eyes open enough to see our uncomfortable truths? Can we stay open to the signs and clues pointing us in the direction of changing and healing all this? I know this is (some) of my work.
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The space calendar says Asteroid 116939 Jonstewart Closest Approach To Earth (1.061 AU)

Apr 6
Ok, we must be very delicate here. I feel somewhat balanced on the edge of a knife. I almost want to keep my mouth shut. We are, collectively, coming to that part in our Fractalating (trademark) wherein the chaos factor is at maximum. Ryanism #1185. Fractalating: The movement of energy or consciousness progressively and evolutionarily in a field of chaos, magic, or the transrational. And so is the Field of Magic at maximum. And so it the Field of the Transrational at Maximum. (Yes, transrational is Ryanism#332 ). So what can I say? We are each at that point wherein we must be the exact human we chose to be. I can’t tell you who that is, especially if it’s your birthday…. Only YOU know it. Of course the astrologer can look at your chart and give clear and thoughtful career suggestions, but only YOU know what feels right. So let’s look at our power of choice, which is our power to influence the Field of Magic, and choose wisely and lovingly and not based on fear or avarice or desire. Where can we find our True Joy? How can we plan healthy conscious steps to cocreate that? What must we release in order to free up energy for that Joy? I know, sometimes it seems unobtainable but if we remember to use our imaginations and engage the Field of the Transrational, we possibly, maybe, perhaps, with a little faith and grace perhaps, be able to unite those fields to help make this existence glorious.
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The space calendar shows Asteroid 2015 FN33 Near-Earth Flyby (0.025 AU)

Apr 3
Today is about remembering balance, or this YEAR if it’s your birthday. What we are building to is tomorrow’s total full lunar eclipse. So today let’s pull together all numbers and balance the equation. March 20, that superpowerful time of release, learning how to float, and remembering faith was the time of initiating what is coming into manifestation, or at least the first whiffs of it, now. Have we let it all go? Have we cancelled out the zeroes? Have we found the least common denominator and reduced the equation to its simplest form? That’s what today is for. What? You say you forgot all that high school algebra? That’s ok. Ask for help. In fact, we can’t see this vision through ALONE. We MUST be open to assistance the way a flower must be open to the pollinating bee. So we allow ourselves to see who is around us if we feel alone in our undertakings. If we accept some cultural assumptions which are not true to our core we must have the courage to look like a bad guy if we divert from the norm. That’s ok, too. There are plenty of us slightly outside the main stream who may look or act differently. Perhaps those are your allies. Maybe if we ALL diverted a bit from the mainstream we can create a whole NEW river of consciousness. I wonder if that’s what this is all about. Perhaps we are forming new grooves, dreaming new dreams, and inventing new ways of being. Weird. Cool. Get to work.
The gardening calendar says to plant flower.
The space calendar shows a total lunar eclipse begins at 4:01 am central tomorrow. Get up early and watch it.

Apr 2
Once upon a time there existed a magic cultural event called a ‘Dead Show’. While they officially ended 7/9/95, the magic carries on in story, myth, and memory. Often, ticketless folks would hold up their hand saying, singing, or screaming, “I need a miracle!” Sometimes, it happened. A miracle found them. So today, or this year if it’s your birthday, raise your hand and sing it, scream it, or say it…” I need a Miracle!” Sometimes they come. Sometimes it’s in the form of sudden inspiration. Sometimes it’s in the form of a sunset seen and appreciated. Sometimes it’s in the form of a thank you or a smile or a leaf smacking your cheek, a call from an old friend, or a feeling that it just may, against all odds, really be, “all good”. But we have to ask, right? We have to humble ourselves enough to say we’re ready, we need help, we need advice or guidance, we need to raise our hand and ask for a miracle. Doing that work to encourage or entice a miracle shows the universe we may be ready to then maintain it. Are we ready? Can we ask? Can we sing and scream? Who knows what will happen but what can it hurt to try?
The gardening calendar says to continue repairs
The space calendar shows Comet C/2013 C2 (Tenagra) At Opposition (8.203 AU)

Apr 1
I have a house. My house needs work. If I fail to fix my gutter, it leaks on my deck and subsequently my cats. So we fix our gutters. And the kitties are happy. Today is like that. We fix our leaks and patch our roofs and till our soils and pull our weeds and those things which we WANT to see flower can flower more effectively. So that little seed we planted 10 days ago is needing a little trellising. That little dream we imagined 10 days ago needs a little tether to ground it. So we do the work, we tie our shoes, we remember our zip code, keep our appointments, reply to the e-mails, and hammer the nail. We can do it with anxiety and stress or we can do it with compassion, comprehension, and maturity. Still, if we want to see this manifest we must engage with it co-creatively. Sometimes the tomatoes need staking. Sometimes the grapes need more copper. Let’s notice what we need to do, avoid complaining about it, and engage effectively.
The gardening calendar says to fix it right.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 67085 Oppenheimer Closest Approach to Earth (1.456 AU)

Mar 31
So key in this process is understanding that we are ALL in this together. EVERY person on this planet is deserving of love and happiness. Everyone who has ever wronged me has acted from an unprocessed wound. Any wounding I gave away was, unfortunately about my own undigested pain. Oof. Let’s wrap it up and realize what we do and how we do it. Let’s remember, now that Mars moves into the season of Taurus, to align ourselves with peace. Once the dragon is slayed we can re-sheath the sword and relax. Now we rebuild, especially if it’s your birthday. We can see the desolation and waste of our battlefield and now let’s come back to our body. For the next six weeks let’s use our will, our power of choice, and our courage to find our peace, maintain our natural ethics, stabilize our intentions, find time to relax and breathe, and find others who support and resonate with these intentions. There is a natural urge and desire in us to move towards what ‘smells right’. Follow that. Our body often knows things our mind does not. Trust that. Let that instinct move us and motivate us toward our Truth, our Meaning, and that-which-works. Like Gandalf said to Frodo while lost in the mines of Moria, “When in doubt, always follow your nose.”
The gardening calendar says to stake, trellis, or prune to encourage growth.
The space calendar shows Asteroid “Martin Luther” at its closest approach to earth.

Mar 30
As Mars spends his last full day in Aries for a couple years, let’s review what we have learned, especially if it’s your birthday: 1) Courage. When we can effectively draw our sword in the event of any advancing dragon, we at least have a chance. Running can happen and evasion can be temporarily effective but dragons have a keen sense of smell. There is no hiding from them. Face them or else. 2) Choice. We have free will. That is the most terrifying thing. There is no predicting what rage or fear or reptillianesque behavior will incite in us so every moment they arise we must courageously choose a perspective of faith, personal power, and self-love. If we fail to choose from this perspective, whatever choices are made by or for us will be tainted with said fear and since our choices help determine the storyline of our lives, our lives become something to fear. So let’s choose joy, even amidst our hells and perhaps life becomes joyous no matter what. And 3) Emotion. Dan Millman taught me to hyphenate that word. E is energy. Motion= to move. If we can motivate ourselves, we grow and if not, we stagnate. If we can master this today, graduate tomorrow.
The gardening calendar says to prune or harvest.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 15845 Bambi Closest Approach To Earth (1.666 AU)


Mar 29
So choice is the magic switch which turns our fear into faith. Choice takes will. We all have free will, right? To live a mechanically determined life would take all of the fun out of it, right? The mystery, improvisation, and surprise can be fun! So we have opportunities with unlimited room for mental and spiritual growth. Sometimes they’re beautiful, sometimes they’re painful. Sometimes we see the lessons, sometimes we wallow in resentment. But we always have the choice. But here’s the next trick; while choice is always available on a mental or rational level there must be a corresponding EMOTIONAL perspective which instigates, supports, or encourages our choosing to choose faith: courage. Courage is the necessary impetus to choose, not only effectively on a practical level, but on a soul-spirit-psychological level. When we can access our courage, or rather, somehow find the courage within us, or choose to choose to create courage, even if we have to get all primal, we expand. We grow. We strengthen that muscle called our heart. We mature more nobly. We then make effective choices, and that which we are to manifest, manifests. And that which we are to become, we become. So today, tomorrow, and this year if it’s your birthday, make conscious use of this energy reflected in the Archetypal Sky.
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Mar 28
Robert Tennyson Stevens, in his Language of Mastery series says that fear is faith returning. Fear. It must have a purpose, right? Sure, fear of fire can prevent us from scolding ourselves. Fear of heights keeps us from falling. But what about fear of relationship wherein we’ve been burned or have fallen? The heart may have a desire for love and intimacy but having been burned or having fallen on our face may negate, subvert, repress, or otherwise complicate that desire. What about money? It can be quite useful but some of us have seen treacherous, murderous, polluting, and wasteful attitudes and desires in the quest for it. But many of us fear losing it and some still fear having it or project hatred on to those who have it. Fear….It can destroy us, leak away our potential, make us hide in our cave or castle, and create global war, environmental collapse, and unlimited human suffering. So. When have we had enough? Fear…. Faith returning. What is the switch which turns our darkness to light? Sudden inspiration? Sometimes! Medication? In some circumstances depending on the individual. But what is the thread? Choice. Choose faith, especially if it’s your birthday. Or choose to choose faith. Even if the coals of hellfire are melting our bones to ash we must have faith- the way we have faith in the sunrise and that after every night there is a dawn. More about this tomorrow.
The gardening calendar says to plant.
The space calendar shows Comet C/2013 G9 (Tenagra) At Opposition (4.424 AU)


Mar 27
At 7:06 am CDT on April 4th we will have a total lunar eclipse. Mark your calendars and get up early that day to watch it. The event begins at 4 am central and those east of the rockies won’t catch the whole event but mountain and pacific will catch most of it. This powerful reboot in the Earth’s magnetic field is a potentially potent portal for the manifestation of the dream seeds we planted during the solar eclipse of Mar 20th. Astrology is a metaphor, a story, a myth wherein the movements of the planets relate to the movements of our archetypal, mythical, karmic, and soulful lives. So these days are potent, mythically speaking. These days are rich with our awakening into new and sometimes frighteningly necessary realms of choice. So these days we must remember our courage. We must remember that we are new seedlings of ancient trees now emerging. What did you dream last week? What are choices you must make in order to help create them? And who are your allies? Who are the other self aware individuals in your own life who help ease the tension? Today, or this year if it’s your birthday, go to your heart and FEEL the answers to these questions. Your self love, trust, and awareness determines, astrologically speaking, your outcomes.
The gardening calendar says yes to it all.
The space calendar showsComet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) Closest Approach To Earth (2.141 AU)


Mar 26
A delightful day for completion, comprehension, listening, and observing. This afternoon, though, and this year if it’s your birthday, we have a wonderful opportunity to FEEL what may be emerging in our lives since our dream seeds awoke a week ago. What was it? Can you recall the dreams of a week ago? Can you go deep into your heart and feel what dreams you are wishing to pull into reality? Imagine how healing it can be if we, each and every one of us, did what we knew we had to according to the truth that we know lies within us. Well, one of the first reactions is- who are we going to upset if we change our life as completely as we’d like? Boss, spouse, kids, friends, bank account… All of those may not like our moving to the beach to become an artist, or going back to school or the monastery, or becoming a vegetable farmer but to thine own self be true, right? So remember today, remember why you are really here. It’s not to be a slave, that I can guarantee you. So feel any shackles and get thee to a locksmith if they are apparent.
The gardening calendar says to plant after 3:30 central.
The space calendar shows asteroid Dr Watson at its closest approach to Earth.


Mar 25
Those of us who are older and or wiser can appreciate the things that last and stand the test of time. Many years ago I took a bag of mixed wildflower seed that I had grown and scattered it across the center of my three hills on the farm. Now, many years later, I have a beautiful stand of Echinacea and Liatris, nodding wild onion and a couple rare goldenrods, rattlesnake master and blue vervain, Asclepius tuberosa, white yarrow… These things take time. Perseverance. Focus. Patience. So let’s remember that today, or this year if it’s your birthday. Let’s remember that all of this work we are doing on ourselves, all of this conscious engagement with our shadow, all of this choosing to choose faith and happiness, all of this bent-knee breathing surfboard riding we are doing has a PURPOSE. There is an OUTCOME. And if we stay focused on whatever we call our true identity and the conscious work it takes to maintain its health then the outcome can be as beautiful as a field of rare wildflowers.
The gardening calendar says to clean up.
The space calendar shows Mar 25 – Asteroid 1864 Daedalus Closest Approach To Earth (1.176 AU)
Asteroid 7470 Jabberwock Closest Approach To Earth (1.178 AU)
Asteroid 149 Medusa Closest Approach To Earth (1.272 AU)


Mar 24
Sometimes life piles up 1000 items in a relatively short time in our “to do box”. Like a blizzard information can cascade into our realm so fast that we have not the time to process it. But that’s what today is for, or this year if it’s your birthday. The approach I’m suggesting we take is one of cataloging and filing according to how we FEEL about the information we’re receiving. Sometimes we filter all information through our fears… “Is this gonna be ANOTHER situation like THAT one?” IF we react like this then let that be a reminder of how to NOT do it. All of the information coming in must be filtered through questions like, “How can I allow this to assist in my healing? How can I maintain my equilibrium even and especially if I’m bombarded with an AVALANCHE of info? And, most importantly, how can I remember that the past is not the future?” If we can answer these with maturity, optimism, faith, and consciousness, all will be well. If not, then we are allowing ourselves to be much too cerebral. Let intuition be your mind.
The gardening calendar says to plant now for double the harvest.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 6775 Giorgini Closest Approach to Earth (1.740 AU)


Mar 23
There is not a single one of us who does not have residual aches, pains, hurts, and wounds from the past. We often like to feel we are over them until someone triggers us and all of a sudden we’re experiencing frustration or anger, sadness or confusion, fear or pain…. So while I’m not a psychologist, today, or this year if it’s your birthday, can be a crucial turning point in our emotional and spiritual healing by looking at our woundedness with compassion and forgiveness. That psychopath who framed us, knifed us in the back, and went laughing all the way to the bank, who destroyed our ability to trust, or our faith in humanity even was just really a sad and wounded person themselves. Perhaps if we saw the world through their life experience we can see the horrors in their life which brought them to act in such an unconscious way. That’s compassion, and today let’s review all of our pains through that lens. Perhaps we can, quite literally, change our past by changing our perception of it and moving forward with that new information. Something tells me that that may free up a LOT of energy within us so as to carry on with life more effectively.
The gardening calendar says to plant plant plant plant plant.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 1125 China Closest Approach To Earth (1.866 AU)


Mar 22
YES! Another Sunday where the best thing we can do is simply calm the heck down. What is it that we really need? Food? Shelter? Love? Do we need to have all of the action and all of the glory and all of th