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If you are interested in evolving and growing and empowering your life, join me as I take a heart-centered approach to observing the movements & rhythms of Celestial Archetypes. It is to you that I dedicate my energy, skill & imagination within each Daily Forecast I post. And it is you that I invite to join me for the next level!

When it comes to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), one buys a “produce share” for x-amount of time. The individual pays money upfront & the farmer then has the ability to budget, invest wisely & then grow the produce. In return, the farmer provides produce for the duration of that share. This creates a vested interest in the farm by the individual–& the farmer has a legitimate responsibility to feed the individual… These posts are just like that: food for the soul!  It is my desire to continue them, expand them & develop community around them. To do so, consider subscribing to my Daily Forecasts. Compare them to a CSA, but with a twist: Community Supported Astrology!

Contrary to average daily astrology writings… I avoid mundane mood shifts & instead catalogue & chart our growth & evolution, as individuals as well as a collective force. It’s around this collective force that I wish to build, expand & deepen our connection. Therefore, these Daily Forecasts are now offered when you become a Subscriber. The reasons are many, but most importantly it will bring together those of you who value these posts & thus value your conscious engagement with the rhythms of the Universe. By creating a private Facebook Group, we will be able to be more engaged with sharing & discussing our particular experiences amongst ourselves (per that which is agreed upon by subscribing to this CSA Membership).

My hope is that you value these posts enough to agree to a subscription.
My hope is that every one of you tells 10 of your friends how helpful these posts can be.

My intention is to build a strong community of engaged individuals
who are committed to their conscious evolution, and therefore intentionally choose to utilize the energy & teachings I put into every Daily Forecast.


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